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Version Française | TourMaG advertising is the most consulted B2B tourism portal on the Web and is certified by the OJD (Office de Justification de la Diffusion), the French audit bureau of circulations.
We have 31,000 subscribed members including 7,500 travel agents, with 373,078 visits to our site and 7364,530 pages consulted in September 2013.

Our page on OJD giving our visitor figures:

For our figures in detail:

As for paper publications, only two of them are still OJD-certified.
The "Echo Touristique" produces 7,392 editions and the "Tour Hebdo" 4,900.

The OJD is the only way to check a website's visitor figures.
To join, websites need to use a certified tool that counts visits to every one of its page.
The results are reported directly to the OJD, which has them certified by an independent adjudicator and then publishes them on its website.
All statistic reports provided for your publicity campaigns also use this same OJD-certified counting tool.

Tel. +33 (0)1 85 74 23 32

----------------------------------------------- - 21 rue Marc Donadille - Les Baronnies, Bat. E - ZAC de Château Gombert - 13013 Marseille | | | |

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Advertise to professionals in the e-tourism and tourism industries.

Website and newsletter adverts - €2000 ex VAT / week
Design the i-tourism page and the Thursday Newsletter.

Newsletter banner + website - €1000 ex VAT / week
Place your advert among the articles regarding e-tourism and Tourism.

Your Brand Content / personalized Story Telling - €800 ex VAT
An experienced editor contacts you and takes care of the creation of your Brand Content.

Smart Advertorials, 1 publication - €590 ex VAT
Stay in charge of all updates by using advertorials.
The link sends you to an article on i-tourisme

Advertorials (Newsletter link), 1 publication - €290 ex VAT
Stay in charge of all updates by using advertorials.
The link sends you to your website or to a certain page..
Up to 3 advertisers at a time.
Adverts will be displayed on a rotation system with other adverts.

Sponsoring section i-tourisme in the newsletter - €2500 ex VAT / month
Sponsor I-tourisme section in the newsletter. in partnership with I-tourisme gives you every day the latest information technologies in tourism.
Associate your brand with this information on the newsletter most consulted of the profession.

Email shots - Pricing : see below
Follow the link for the product info, pricing and technical details.

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