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Asian startups valued at one million dollars are named “unicorns”. © Serg Nvns -


Startups: these Asian “unicorns” worth over one billion dollars

Foreign travelers still have to buy a solidarity stamp of 30 TUD when leaving Tunisian territory - DR


Tunisia: the exit tax will be removed on August 31st, 2015

Twins of the famous Ha Long Bay and its famous sugar loaf mountains, the site of Trang An provides an astonishing landscape of cliffs, calcareous pitons, and Karst caves. To the extent that it is named a “terrestrial Ha Long Bay.” - DR: J.-F. R.


North-Vietnam: Hanoi, between ethnic minorities and the Red River Delta

The French market brought in by travel agencies is remaining, by far, the main provider of the group’s revenues, at 29% - DR : Air France / Virginie Valdois


Air France-KLM: French agencies account for 29% of the group’s sales

PXCom offers touristic guides onboard airplanes - Credit Thinkstock


PXCom: tourism guides onboard airplanes

Alain de Mendonça has been looking at Fram’s case for a long time - Photo DR

Travel Agencies

Exclusive: Promovacances is a contender to buyout Voyages Fram!


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