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Air Tahiti Nui is surfing on the craze over French Polynesia

The destination should end the year with growth

French Polynesia is doing very well on the French market. A craze proving beneficial to Air Tahiti Nui since it is making profits for the third consecutive year.

The Misses will tan in Tahiti during the preparatory trip for the 2016 election. DR Tahiti Tourisme.
The Misses will tan in Tahiti during the preparatory trip for the 2016 election. DR Tahiti Tourisme.
All the indicators are positive for Polynesia.

In the first six months of the year, the archipelago attracted 14,913 French visitors, a slight increase of 1%.

“We are expecting a much higher growth spurt because Air Tahiti’s fill rates were excellent in the summer,” ensures Jean-Marc Hastings, Europe’s Director.

In fact, the airline company should end the year with an 8% increase, thanks to the acquisition of the market share from competitors. Today, Air Tahiti Nui captures 66% of the traffic between Polynesia and the France.

It was already showing excellent numbers in 2014, with a passenger traffic at a 9.3% rise (459 800 clients) for a turnover of 279 million euros and a profit of 17 million euros (+20%).

In this way, it is making profits for the third consecutive year. Excellent figures that will benefit the tourism office.

Indeed, the company is going pay back 5.12 million euros in dividend to its shareholders: French Polynesia.

Part of this money will be allocated to an exceptional endowment of GIE Tahiti Tourisme. Enough to subsidize the trip of the Miss France contestants in November 2016 for which the budget reaches 60 million Pacific Francs (502,800 euros.)

The number of package travel clients is increasing by 5%

A wonderful promotion operation for a destination often considered for the trip of a lifetime. And yet, there are many repeaters, accounting for 35% of French travelers.

The tourism office is also noting that the number of leisure clients buying packages is at a 5% increase and accounts for close to 60% of arrivals. The rest is divided between travelers visiting friends and family (31%) and cruise-goers (10%.)

In fact, these cruise-goers will be able to board the AranuiV, a passenger cargo ship that will coast from island to island and plans to offer more deluxe cabins.

Today, the destination is sold by 53 tour-operators and commanded by 316 Tiaré certified travel agents. Sales to the distribution are progressing by 10% and account for 1/3 of the airline company’s activity, according to Jean-Marc Hastings.

The latter rejoices over the great performances of the flight between Paris and Los Angeles, that travel agencies are now accustomed to selling individually, group travel agents in particular. In fact, the company is organizing many training session in partnership with California.

But next year, the Marquesa Islands will take center stage for the occasion of an exhibit at the Quai Branly Museum starting April 2016. Something to give a foretaste of paradise without having to leave Paris.

Written by Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher the 08/10/2015
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