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Insurance/assistance: a small visit to the emergency room in Miami... will cost you 53,000 euros!

Are your customers properly insured?

We are not always aware when on vacation of the thousand little health issues that may arise at any moment. Hence the importance of informing your customers about the (sometimes astronomical) fees of a potential visit to the hospital. Thanks to the National Union of Societies of Assistance for giving us shocking and illustrative examples to make us aware of these costs.

Health insurance plans will cover only part of the medical treatment and hospitalization expenses incurred abroad. In most cases, it is even required to pay in advance.

A vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare when we know that the bills can reach thousands of dollars for medical care or in some cases hundreds of thousands of euros!

It is also important to know that in case of illness, serious injury or death, the French authorities abroad do not cover the costs of these events. They are entirely the responsibility of the traveler or that of its insurance company.

Tip: Before departure, check if the ceiling support for medical expenses of your customers is adapted to their trip. To avoid having them blame you later...
Some examples of medical expenses abroad ( 1)

> Gastroenteritis in Santo Domingo : €3,010;
> A wounded knee in Greece: € 3,523;
> A strep throat in Hammamet, Tunisia : € 772;
> Fracture of the femoral neck in Antalya, Turkey : €16,900;
> Acute bronchitis Montreal : € 25,000 ;
> Repatriation from Malaga in Spain : € 28,000 ;
> Visit to the emergency room Miami, United States : € 53,000.

The guarantees included in credit cards

Basic bank cards offer limited warranties for long and far away trips where the costs of medical expenses are very high.

For most of them, medical expenses up to € 11,000 are covered but these cards do not cover cancellation fees, nor civil liability, nor luggage loss.

Premium cards (gold, first ...), however, offer guarantees with a wider coverage for medical expenses from €100 000 to €155 000, trip cancellation, damage to luggage, medical repatriation, liability and warranty in case of trip interruption.

Written by written by editors translated by Joséphine Foucher the 11/04/2014
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