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Brussels Airlines won't stand being overshadowed by Ryanair

A low cost offer to compete with the irish company

The company Brussels Airlines just launched a new pricing segmentation, with prices starting at 69 euros. A product that should enable it to fight against Ryanair’s competition, since the company just recently settled at the Zaventem airport last november.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 17 Juillet 2014

Brussels Airlines will be selling tickets for 69 euros by next September. DR
Brussels Airlines will be selling tickets for 69 euros by next September. DR
There is no doubt, the low cost trend is exploding within traditional european companies.

After Lufthansa, that intends on launching a low cost branch, Wings, it is Brussels Airlines’ turn to offer cheap flights.

On september 1st, 2014, the company will launch four new travel packages, including a Check & Go category, offering non-refundable roundtrip tickets without luggage check-in starting at 69 euros tax included.

It is also tending to its business travelers with a new Bizz & class product, providing access the Brussels’ new lounge with a unique food menu and more luggage capacity.

As a middle ground, there is the Light&relax category, available for 109 euros minimum (roundtrip) and Flex&fast which allow passengers to choose a flight according to the desired options.

An offer to compete with Ryanair

“We are now launching an extremely competitive offer” explained the CEO of Brussels Airlines, Bernand Gustin, quoted on the website.

“These are affordable flights, but without the stress associated with low cost companies. We won’t charge our clients an extra fee if they forget to print their tickets, they’ll be guaranteed a wholesome service.”

This is Brussels Airlines’ first offensive to compete with Ryanair, that has settled in Zaventem last november to serve ten destinations.

At that time, Wencke Lemmes-Pireaux, head of communications was hoping that her company could confront this competition thanks to relationships with TO and Belgian travel agencies.

A wish that seems to have come true since Brussels Airlines transported 3,1 million passengers in the first semester of 2014. Representing a 10% increase.

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