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Cubana de Aviación : Reestablishment of a weekly direct flight between Martinique and Cuba

International Edition (Caribbean)

The Martinique Tourism Committee is delighted to announce the reopening of a three-and-a-half hour direct flight between Fort de France and Havana each Thursday with Cubana de Aviación airline. The project, under consideration since 2006, has been realized thanks to the active involvement of the Martinican and Cuban authorities. Inaugurated on the 20th March, this return flight reflects once again the continued integration of Martinique into the Caribbean community.

Rédigé par le Mercredi 16 Avril 2014

The new airline route between Havana and Fort-de France is already encouraging stronger cooperation between Martinique and Cuba in a number of areas.

It is a unique opportunity for the two islands to strengthen their ties and to encourage once more a sharing of cultural and sporting heritage.

Furthermore, the flight is an important factor in the development of tourism, creating new business opportunities on a national and local level. In the future, Martinican and Cuban tour operators aim to offer flights from Europe to multiple destinations.

The Martinique Tourism Committee will be present at the Atout France stand at the International Tourism Fair FITCuba from 6th to 10th May 2014.

This year, France is the Guest of Honour at the exhibition which will provide an exciting promotional opportunity for Martinique.

Following on from the success of this new flight connecting Cuba to Martinique, Cubana de Aviación continues to improve their services.

Their state of the art equipment provides comfort for passengers whilst guaranteeing optimal security and the airline aims to increase the frequency of flights between Fort-de-France and Havana in the coming months.

Cubana de Aviación Flight
Antonov 158
State of the art equipment
97 seats (85 maxi sur La Havane-FdF)
1 class

Lu 798 fois


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