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Famous Lyon's Festival of Lights will take place December 8-10 2016

In Lyon, the values of gathering and celebration will go on

This year, the Festival of Lights will unveil an unprecedented program in the very heart of Lyon's peninsula.

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Despite an atompshere of fear and unstability, Lyon claims French values such as celebration, gathering and brotherhood its own, and creates a new stunning edition of its Festival of Lights.

In order to secure safety for all, the city confines animations in its peninsula, in the old town and the Fourvière's antique theatre site.

When a tradition becomes an internationally acclaimed event

By tradition, Lyon is a festive city creating popular events.

The Festival of Lights was born in the XIXth century. It symbolizes a popular communion where the people of Lyon gathers in a sign of solidarity. That is the spirit of the festival, strengthened each year on December 8th, when people light a small candle by their window or in front of their door.

In 1989, the city of Lyon initiates its 1st light event. Lyon is the first European city to launch such a kind of event. It becomes a pioneer in the matter and leads to similar festivals showing excellence.

The Festival of Lights brings the city a renewal and a new identity. When the night falls, light showcases the incredible architectural patrimony of the city.
Lyon's districts are highlighted one by one in stunning poetic animations, revealing the city's full dimension.

At the begining of the XXIth century, The Festival of Lights stretches over 4 days and takes hold of 9 districts in Lyon. It becomes the not-to-be-missed rendez-vous with innovation, poetry, technology and of an international acclaimed know-how.

Creativity and technical achievements

Each edition of the Festival of Lights offers visitors the opportunity to experience a new sensory journey.

This year, 40 orignal créations will pe presented in Lyon.

184 artists with diverse backgrounds take part in this unique urban event and present 80 luminous installations in 76 sites.

Lyon is full of life. It breathes through these creations and light and sound shows.

The visitor explores the city in a different way and discover architecture and Lyon's neighbourhoods via visual and musical poetry.

A magical atmosphere one will surely long remember.


Lyon does not surrender to the terrorist threat.

In 2015, the city modified the Festival of Lights'format.

This year, It makes this festival a major event, contained within the limited perimeter of the peninsula, the old town of Lyon and the Fourvière's antique theatre.

This safety measure also gives the opportunity to visitors to focus their attention on Lyon's patrimony's masterpieces.

Nothing will bring the tradition down. Nor will it undermine the French value of human and artistic gathering.

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