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Animal park Planète Sauvage celebrates its 25th anniversary

1 000 animals, 150 species, 5 distinct areas

Located only 15 km away from Nantes, animal park Planète Sauvage re opens its doors on the 1st weekend of March for it 25th anniversary.

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Vendredi 3 Mars 2017

Cheetahs in Le Chemin de brousse area - DR : Planète Sauvage
Cheetahs in Le Chemin de brousse area - DR : Planète Sauvage
On March 24th, as we celebrate Grand mother's day, Planète Sauvage launches its 25th touristic year.

Nested in 80 hectares of nature, Planète Sauvage offers visitors the oppotunity to come up close and personal with 1 000 animals belonging to 150 different species.

La Piste safari gives visitors the opportunity to enter the wild cats' territory. Le Chemin de brousse is an invitation to learn about African animals and culture.

La Cité marine is an aquatic area dedicated to dolphins (games, shows, education...) and le Sentier des Incas is a section of the park dedicated to South America's fauna.

Le Temple de la jungle, new attraction in 2016, is an adventure on the footsteps of animals hiding in trees.

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