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How do start-ups impact the tourism industry ?

In a more and more competitive world, a lot of start-up businesses are created, especially in the tourism field. In fact, a new way of shopping is born: ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) which consists in looking for information about a product then go to buy it in stores. This system is particularly used for purchasing touristic products.

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Zenwego, or “How to simplify holidays’ organization”

Organizing a trip can be very stressful especially when you cannot see your family/friends as frequently as you wish to talk about common budget, place, visits etc. Zenwego helps you to figure out that kind of questions.

Zenwego avoids troubles linked to the holidays’ organization since November 2011, as it seduced more than 800 travelers who used its services for about 230 trips. Its creator, Olivier Del Bucchia and three of his associates, created it as a collaborative private trips assistantship tool. It is a web and mobile (Iphone/Android) service for individuals and professionals, which offers a B2B2C offer.

“Simplify the organization of your holidays” becomes possible from your registration on this Website, via Facebook or not, because all the creation of this trip (route proposal, places to visit, hotels..) is submitted to the vote of participants. Emails or Facebook notifications are sent to remind you what you still have to do for this trip. Thus, each participant can have a daily report of the trip progression.

Moreover, it offers an optional “Nest Egg” service which facilitates the refund between participants, thanks to his partnership with, the specialist of “Nest Egg” online.

Zenwego is also in partnership with Online Travel Agencies as a business introducer, such as Ebookers, Selectour, Promoséjours or SkiHorizon. That is to say, it directly proposes offers of its partners on its website. Thanks to its partners, Zenwego succeded in distinguishing itself from its competitors such as Travel Stormer, TripFriends, which only propose a Facebook trip organization.

Spöka, a discreet agency which gambles on the digital strategy

You find difficult to define a global strategy for your company? You wish to create an event which requires a big promotion ?

You have difficulty to reach your customers? Without further delay call on Spöka which will know how to help you and put in front of the consequent choices to revalue your company in the customers’ eyes.

Spöka is a Parisian company, created in 2000, betting on the digital strategy and the creativity to make known and/or recognize a product and/or a company as a whole.

Giving value to Customer Relationship Management (the fact of managing as a priority the customer relationship, the loyalty) is their key to obtain the best successes. To reach that point, they know how to base themselves on the social networks and newspapers on the Internet: they speak about their customers, how to improve the visibility of the latter and how to allow them preserving a good image.

The perceived positioning is a crucial value for the consumer; it is what will make him buy or not the product. Therefore, it is essential to perpetuate and to improve the quality of the product.

To do this, Spöka implements various means such as the Community Management or use of integrated management software and even more anecdotal means, such as the creation of a web series (Mad Gyver) and the launch of a webcast (Tatoo by Tété).

By its originality, Spöka knows how to stand out and to provide personalized service for every type of business.

On the one energy drink brand to a Parisian fair, they know burnish, through the Internet, the value of the products and the company itself, allowing a degree of continuity. More and more large groups such as Monoprix or Marmara use their services to implement a comprehensive digital strategy.

OneFineStay, a new way to travel

You would like to go in London for the weekend but you don’t know where to stay because hotels rates are too expensive? You want to live in a local way with a certain quality of services? Here is the point of booking with!

With more than a thousand houses and flats in New York and London, this start-up born in Septembre 2013 is about to become a big competitor for websites which are about renting home for a short period of time, such as AirBnb. However, Onefinestay offers the privilege of travelling in another way.

The service is qualified as being an unhotel: houses and apartments come with the all services we expect from a hotel, or almost. Indeed, from your arrival to your departure, the website’s service is taking care of everything which means the rent itself, the cleaning, the hosting or even the payment of the stay.

You are surely wondering how does it work, aren’t you? It is very easy, you just have to book through the website.

You can select by the area you wish to stay, take a look at the pictures and if you find the place you want to stay, you can book it and the payment is done at this stage. Once you booked, you obtain more information about your accommodation such as the address, for instance. However, some details stay secret to let the traveler being surprised once he reaches the place...

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