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Interface Tourism: the representative agency is aiming at 15% growth this year

New clients for new perspectives

The representative agency, Interface Tourism is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year. An opportunity for its founder, Gaël De La Porte Du Theil, to review the revolution that shook tourism at the turn of the 21st century and to be optimistic on the development perspective of this industry.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 4 Février 2015

The team of Interface Tourism blew is 15 candles. DR : Interface Tourism.
The team of Interface Tourism blew is 15 candles. DR : Interface Tourism. - How do you assess the evolution of the tourism industry in the last 15 years?

Gaël De La Porte Du Theil: The sector experienced a true revolution on different levels.

When I created the agency, the job of touristic representation was very little professionalized.

It often only consisted in handing out flyers in offices, on avenue de l’Opéra.

But today, everything has changed: social media, Internet, globalization. We have to help our clients understand the new ways of working.

We learned how to communicate in time of crises, to confront sanitary, political, and natural problems emerging in the destinations.

We also adapted our services by specializing, and developing, for example, a MICE department. We also wish to grow our expertise in air transport.

We are now diversifying our capacity, by working, for example, with attractions or comparators like Kayak.

Finally, we’re helping our clients to use tourism as a leverage in the creation of a global brand, in order to make their country more attractive.

Gaël De La Porte Du Theil, founder of the agency - DR : Interface Tourism
Gaël De La Porte Du Theil, founder of the agency - DR : Interface Tourism - Do you think that the French market still has importance in the eyes of foreign destinations?

Gaël De La Porte Du Theil: I am convinced that yes, it does. Of course, some countries are tempted to only focus on their geographic zone.

Indonesians have explained to me, for example, that people from Singapore visit their country more than the French.

It is undeniable, but I remind them that the French stay much longer and spend a lot more.

We can’t only look at the quantity. In fact, Europeans are appreciated because they want to visit cultural sites and don’t only stay on the beach. - What are your growth and development perspectives?

Gaël De La Porte Du Theil: They are excellent. We made 1,7 million euros in gross margin last year, a growth of 15% and we’re expecting a progression of 15% this year.

I hope that our world wide expansion will enable us to become a global player. I’m thinking about opening other offices in Europe, for example in Poland, a country that we don’t speak much about, but where the economy is booming.

In fact, the numbers prove that tourism is a growing sector.

Last year, close to 1.1 billion people traveled throughout the world. They were only 60 million in the 2000s. - Yet we’re saying that tourism is an industry that is suffering from the crisis…

Gaël De La Porte Du Theil: It is true that in France, the numbers given by professionals are not very good. I’m looking for the reasons explaining that.

In fact, this year, all of our destinations, except for Kenya, are progressing. Even Jordan is growing by 6.5%.

People keep traveling but visit travel agencies less than before. They’d rather plan trips on their own, whether we’re in France, Italy, or Spain.

What’s interesting however is that the trend is the opposite in Germany where clients are now fetching the services of professionals once more. In England, this aspect remains stable. It may have something to do with the mentality.

Anglo-Saxons consider an intermediary as a person that provides a service. Whereas here in France, it’s just someone who takes money.

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