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Intermèdes chosen as the buyer of Terre Entière

Intermèdes picks up 6 employees

Between Prêt-à-Partir and Intermède, the Paris commercial court has made a decision on Friday June 5th. It is Intermède that was designated as the buyer of Terre Entière, under judiciary review since last March 12th.

Rédigé par A.B. and C.E. translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 9 Juin 2015

- DR Screenshot Terre Entière
- DR Screenshot Terre Entière
A page is being turned at Terre Entière.

The Paris commercial court designated on Friday June 5th, 2015, Intermède, as the buyer of the travel company that is known for its cultural and humanist trips.

A second candidate was next in line: Prêt-à-Partir, directed by François Piot.

Contacted over the phone, Hubert Debbasch, Executive Director of Terre Entière declared: “We did everything in our power for the best candidate to win.

I address my sincere congratulations to Michel Olivier, CEO of Intermède. I will do everything in my power for this transition to go smoothly and for our heritage to be maintained.”

Intermèdes takes back 6 employees.

Judicial review last March 12th

The Arab Spring revolutions in 2011, the cancellation of two cruises chartered by Classic International Cruises in 2012 - accounting for a loss of close to 2 million euros, or the conflicts in Israel have all strongly impacted the economic activity of the travel company.

Its Executive Director, Hubert Debbasch was then forced, early February 2015, to declare himself in suspension of payments to the commercial court.

The TO was then placed under judicial review last March 12th.

As for the concerned clients, none will be left behind, assured us Hubert Debbasch last March.

The accounts of the travel company being empty, it is the Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity (APST) that should take charge of the claim, for an amount ranging between €600,000 and €1.3 million, according to some sources.

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