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Manor: a “small” distribution network that will become big

The network is aiming at 315 sale outlets (78 companies) in 2015

For Manor, the 2014 year ends with a progression of 5% of its business revenue at around 1.35 billion euros. In the context of the Encounters of Manor Directors that took place on Tuesday March 31st, 2015, in Paris, Jean Korcia, President of Manor, “confessed” to us. Verbatim.

Rédigé par Dominique Gobert translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 2 Avril 2015

“All the member companies are very healthy, the first feedbacks coming in show very positive figures, and we have had zero incidents.” /photo dr.
“All the member companies are very healthy, the first feedbacks coming in show very positive figures, and we have had zero incidents.” /photo dr. - How do you qualify the Manor network compared to all the distribution networks in France?

Jean Korcia: “I don’t have any elements to compare with other networks.

In what concerns Manor, the 2014 year is ending with an increase of 5%, for a business revenue of around 1.35 billion euros.

I think that in 2015 we will be even better and will have 315 sale outlets, or 78 companies.

We’re the smallest network in terms of the number of companies, but the right network in terms of business revenue and profitability. - How do you define your positioning compared to the rest of the profession?

J.K: “Very simple. Manor represents between 70 and 75% business companies. The rest in tourism…and others.

But the majority of our network is business travel. And members who enter Manor are very oriented towards business.

“At Manor, we decided to support the APST…”

All the member companies are very healthy, the first feedbacks coming in show very positive figures, and we have had zero incidents.

This year, we renewed our membership at the Snav. You may have read my recent declarations concerning the President.

I’m waiting to see, like in poker, but for now, it is positive… - About that big controversy on the financial guarantee…

J.K.: “For the moment, I’m waiting for the appearance of decrees. If there are new dispositions, financial penalties, or others, or new councils, I will act, despite my friendship with the President of APST, Raul Nabet.

But I trust the APST, and I think that we will stay members for long time.” - You had mentioned lost agencies…

J.K: “With us there are a few agencies that do not belong to the APST. I leave them as it they are, and that’s it…”

Next congress in Madrid from November 9-11, 2015 - We’re going beyond our limit of three questions, but, you have signed agreements with Thomas Cook, TourCom… Where is that going?

J.K: "With Thomas Cook, we still have franchise agreements and others. We’re waiting on the content of their new policy, and we’re currently working together.

Without revealing a secret, we’re starting on at least another year of collaboration…

With TourCom, we have a “negotiation agreement” on the Amadeus product. Thanks to that, we can offer our members a certain added value on the GDS.

Beyond this agreement, we have nothing else, and everything is going normally and very well. Amadeus takes into account the accumulation of revenue and distributes incentives!” - Last question on where the next Manor congress will take place?

J.K: The next congress will take place in Madrid, from November 9-11, 2015. Last year, it was long-haul flights, this year, it is Europe and Spain, that are part of these “exemplary” countries, why not?

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