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OAO : a french new player on the greek destination Cyclades islands

first start July 6 and last return on 31 August

In fact, the french travel agency Originales aventures Organisation (OAO), previously specialized for groups travels, found that the Greek archipelago suffered from an insufficient number of direct air routes from the french province. For this reason, OAO decided to add a new production for individuals with specific packages on the Cyclades including an exclusive flight Lyon-Santorini.

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Nine rotations are planned, first start July 6 and last return on 31 August.

The schedules fit perfectly for the 7 nights stays : take-off on Sunday morning at 8:30 from Lyon Saint-Exupéry arrival at 12:20 local time in Santorini; return take-off at 1 pm for an arrival at 14 h 50 local time at Lyon.

The flight will be operated by the company HOP with a CRJ 1000 aircraft.

This production uses Santorini as an hub for entry to the Cyclades !islands , especially Paros and Naxos but also Mykonos, Ios, Milos and Folegandros.

Originales aventures Organisation offers flight & Hotel packages and transfers on Santorini, to which are added the trnsfers by boat for trips to Paros and Naxos.

Whatever the island or chosen Islands, the 7th and last night is spent on Santorini in a standard property equivalent to the chosen one for the stay.

A commission of 10% is given to agencies on packages sales. The flight is also open on dry sale at retail price.

Philippe Pontini, OAO's founder and manager, relies on his longtime partner, the greek incoming agency Yalos tours, to ensure an high level of quality.

Visit OAO at

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