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Oise is attracting tourists thanks to cinema

Interview with Chrystelle Fèvre, Director of Oise Tourisme

In 100 years, over 300 films were shot in Oise to the extent that many foreign visitors come to Oise mostly to visit the shooting spots of their favorite films. Chrystelle Fèvre, Director of Oise Tourisme, explained to us the reasons for this craze over cinema in her department and how some cities have adapted to this trend to draw in even more foreign tourists.

le Mardi 10 Novembre 2015

Oise is attracting tourists thanks to cinema - Why is Oise so attractive in a cinematographic standpoint?

Chrystelle Fèvre: Oise is a wonderful playground for filmmakers thanks to an incredible diversity of natural movie sets and wonderful heritage sites: castles, abbeys… and a core fact: very close to Paris. Coming to Oise is practical for film crews. We are only 30 min from Parisian studios! - What can we see in the different films shot there that paints a rather accurate picture of Oise?

Chrystelle Fèvre: The Pierrefonds Castle (very famous today thanks to the show Merlin), the Domaine de Chantilly, the Royal Abbey of Moncel, the palace of Compiègne. Castles and forests, that’s our DNA, and this is why people visit us for a short stay. It should be known that this identity heritage results from the fact that kings and emperors came to Oise to live in the summer and hunt in the very large national forests. - How did you get the idea of putting forward cinema at the touristic level?

Chrystelle Fèvre: We can no longer deny the effect that a film can have on the image of a destination, on a touristic standpoint. And, furthermore, most of the time, films convey a positive image.

So why depriving ourselves of that? We are here to make people dream, to transport them outside of their daily life, to “distract” them, no? - Will you create theme-based tours, with a French or maybe English guide?

Chrystelle Fèvre: The Tourism Office of Senlis set up a guided visit “in the footsteps of Séraphine” inspired by the film with Yolande Moreau. The Chantilly Domaine welcomes thousands of Chinese visitors every year since the filming of the movie that was very successful in China, with Jacky Chan as ambassador.

Finally, saying that the Pierrefonds Castle benefits from the success of the show Merlin is an understatement. Thousands of British visitors and other Europeans have flooded the Pierrefonds Castle.

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