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Rédigé par The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher le Samedi 12 Juillet 2014
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Ryanair launches the “Ryanair Labs” to reinvent the “online world of travel”

the company wants to recruit 200 people

Ryanair has announced wanting to recruit 200 new employees for its Ryanair Labs, a hub dedicated to digital innovation headquartered in Dublin. The objective: after having “changed air travel in Europe forever”, the company wants to “change the world of online travel.”

Ryanair announced the launch of “Ryanair Labs”, a hub dedicated to digital innovation and IT on its Dublin campus at Swords.

The company is looking to hire 200 new employees by december 2014 to develop an online travel platform at a i[“global scale”, as cited in its press release. ]i

It is looking for talents in the fields of programing development, data, quality control, as well as positions in the User’s Experience Department, Design and Media including a Technical Director, Digital Marketing Manager, Mobile Developer for Android or iOS, Mobile Activity Manager, innovation hacker - recently graduated, a Market Intelligence analyst, Web Analytics manager, CRM/Data Science representative, Program Quality and Test manager, and a Programing Test engineer…

For more information, potential candidates can visit the new website: developed by Zartis.

Robin Kiely of Ryanair states in a press release: “Ryanair has transformed air travel in Europe forever - now, we want to change the world of online travel and will do so via Ryanair Labs, a hub of numerical innovation based in its new offices in Dublin. We are looking to hire the best of the best to reinvent the online travel sector (…)”

The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher

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