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TAP Portugal wants to expand in Latin America

New flights landing in Nantes, France

Present in Brazil historically, the company TAP Portugal is now tackling the rest of Latin America, with openings in Panama and Bogota. It is also expanding its network in France with a landing in Nantes. A flight that was full all summer.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 23 Octobre 2014

TAP Portugal wants to expand in Latin America.
TAP Portugal wants to expand in Latin America.
For its “back to work” luncheon in September, the COTAL association, that groups 50 Latin American tourism professionals, invited the company TAP Portugal, that became a member of the association last January.

Present in Brazil historically, TAP is now tackling other countries in the region with flights in Bogota and Panama.

But the city of the famous canal had a rough start, probably due to the competition with Air France that has flights there since November 25th, 2013. However, the Colombian capital has been very successful.

TAP also took advantage of the world cup in Brazil to open in two new cities: Manaus and Belem.

But the sporting event didn’t particularly bring additional clients in the already quite full planes this summer. However, it was able to sell tickets at higher prices than usual.

A great start for the line in Nantes

The company is also developing in France with the opening in Nantes last July 1st. A line that has been very successful, to the great surprise of Ricard Lo Presti, France’s Director.

“Nantes has the best occupancy rate out of all the French provinces” he says. In total, TAP Portugal possesses 20% of the market shares between France and Portugal and will end the year with an 8% growth.

As of now, no other opening has been scheduled for 2015, the consolidation year.

Because the company needs capital to invest in new aircrafts and pursue its development.

The State has also relaunched the privatization process and has already received four take-over bids, including one from Avianca, already candidate for the purchase in 2012.

A necessary recapitalization to develop the funds to acquire new aircrafts. TAP has ordered 15 Airbuses A 350 for 2016.

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