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Thai Airways: 10 Reasons (minus 2) to recommend the Royal Silk to your Business Travelers

Departure flight TG 931 from 05.25.14 - return TG 930 on 03.06.14

A plane ticket fell from heaven, this happens when Santa Claus is in a good mood or when friends chip in for a gift on a special occasion. I’m going to Bangkok in Business class! It was incredible, but since I’m very serious and dedicated, I also saw this as an opportunity to make note of some information that could help your readers/sellers who are faced with demanding clients. Some tips that retailers don’t necessarily think of telling you.

Rédigé par Aline PONTAILLER translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 18 Juin 2014

The 60 business units are cocoons in purple leather, arranged 1-2-1 width, offset and sufficiently staggered to be protected from other’s view - DR: Thai Airways
The 60 business units are cocoons in purple leather, arranged 1-2-1 width, offset and sufficiently staggered to be protected from other’s view - DR: Thai Airways
Ten elements to know about the Thai Airways Royal Silk Class:

1. First and foremost, the comfortable cocoon. The space is vast and intimate. All 60 business units are on the upper deck behind the 12 cabins of First class.

The cocoons made out of purple leather, arranged 1-2-1 width, offset and sufficiently staggered to be protected other’s view.

The chair bed, perfectly good in length and wide enough to fit big guys, unfolds at exactly 180 °.

No feet hanging in the air. In the sitting position, there is a footrest at the seat level just below the screen (a good 30cm wide built with two USB ports for personal music and videos) which gives the sensation of already being in a recliner chair without getting in the tilted position.

The independent tablet, 50x60, allows to comfortably work and eat dinner. Just push it to the side to get off your seat without having to move your belongings.

2. The big plane. The A380 is really comfortable, fairly quiet and very stable.

It seems to move just like a whale in the ocean and even turbulences seem absorbed. The Royal Silk is just above the wing of the giant which probably prevents it from shaking.

3. Storage spaces. I wanted a window seat to see the world in the hope that the gods had finally understood that it’s June and it is time, finally, to chase those persisting clouds.

I saw nothing of course. However, this seat offers additional storage in the wall of the cabin. Enough to place a big bag and/or a laptop.

This leaves the upper compartment free for a carry-on luggage that does not need to be checked-in.

Our rushed businessmen can thus be operational right out of the plane without being bothered by bags that always get tangled in the wheels of the unfolding bed.

4. The friendliness of the all Asian crew. Girls in traditional costumes, long slit skirt and a fitted jacket of varying colors like fuchsia, pink, purple, turquoise or green.

The men wear more a discreet attire, a burgundy jacket and black pants. But, true to the company brand image, they are all beautiful and friendly.

5. Always attentive without being intrusive. Hot towels, all types of drinks, complimentary toiletries, smiles ... and maybe more if you’re so inclined.

I’m talking about conversation! If you are alone and in a talkative mood. Which is often the case for our business travelers, is it not?

6. Aperitif includes all alcohol choices, served with hot chicken satay and pineapple skewers which in itself are a trip.

7. But now I arrive to one little flaw : while I consider Thai cuisine to be one of the best in the world (and I've eaten some weird stuff), the proposed dinner menu, served between Prague and Krakow, was disappointing.

Only one appetizer, sashimi, a salad, three kinds of breads including a garlic bread (an effort to adapt to European customers I guess), and four courses to choose from, fish, lamb, pork, or chicken.

But nothing vegetarian and yet this is also becoming a trend here. I chose the cod, it was overcooked and overly seasoned with green curry.

Little sale tip for clients who are not fan of spicy cuisine: recommend the honey chicken, it is less risky for a start.

Cheese, and dessert, with no option to choose. Let’s say it is a little better than a good economy class service, but not at the level of some other companies.

However when it comes to the proposed drinks, nothing to complain about, 4 reds, 3 whites, beer, champagne and liqueurs. But I have not tested everything.

8. And the second little flaw is about the film selections. It is serious, diverse, with around sixty films, for all ages, classics, and new releases, but there isn’t one single French film.

This is a bit of a shame for the PRS / BKK route isn’t it? Well, most Americans films either have subtitles or are dubbed in French, but still, my chauvinism rebelled.

Same criticism for the cabin announcements. Everything is said in Thai and English. Only a few automatic recordings are broadcast in French, like the instructions for example. But nothing is translated of the flight information. Another downer.

Small correction for the return flight: a young steward went through the trouble of translating everything into French with a nice accent.

And I found the French film by Dupontel, 9 mois ferme (excellent), stuck in the world movies section between a Korean and Iranian film.

9. Boarding is smooth, we can arrive a little late, while still relying on the controls at Roissy, which I will not comment here.

The early birds have access to the Star Alliance lounge, located on the second floor of Roissy 1 behind the Relay store.

Recently renovated, it offers a cozy atmosphere where it is easy to continue working, with wifi, multiple connections and private spaces for quiet conversations around a light but sufficient buffet as a pre-departure meal.

10. Waking up lying comfortably and enjoying a proper breakfast while watching the sun rise on the plain of the Chao Praya before landing (for this view book a seat to the left of the plane) is a perfect way to start a work day.

Fresh and ready, so ready to confront the world. This should convince CEOs to allow managers to loosen the travel budget for their employees. With saved time and energy, and alert brains, this investment will be quickly recovered.

Personally, I did not have a business meeting, but I was ready to devour Bangkok without waiting for a restorative morning nap.

In fact, apparently hat there was a coup there. But frankly, if you do not try to look for it, then you won't realize anything.

The City of Angels is always the first destination to advise a traveler wanting to discover Asia. And if he has the means, why not go with Royal Silk.

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