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The terrorist attacks, a problem for the tourism industry in France ?

Tourism is an uncertain industry insofar as its evolution remains very sensitive to hasty changes in the tourism environment. The phenomenon of politics and economics has a great influence on tourism and its development. Recently France has faced some terrorist attacks in Paris, the first destination of tourism in the world. What are the impacts of terrorist attack on tourism? How France will react to this situation concerning tourism.

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The word terrorism makes us remind about the 9-11, London, Madrid or Charm el-Cheik and we can now add Paris.
Terrorism attack has multiple and various consequences.

Immediate consequences are materials with the destruction of infrastructure and human with the lost of citizens.

On short term, it affects the economic area, buildings affected by destruction have to stop their production, stock exchange drops. It also affects tourism industry, tourists look for other destinations meaning a drop of direct foreign fund and investment, and they have less interest into the destination affected. However it also have a societal aspect, citizens live onto an uncertain environment.

And then, on the long term because of the human lost, citizens tend to have a poorer life satisfaction.

Still on the economic point of view some indirect and unplannified cost have to be considered like rising of the security (security force mobilized, more security at bounders, strengthening devices against terrorism: vigilance, prevention and protection) which decelerates international trade and reduces the earnings of companies based on the area affected by the terrorism attack.

To summarize, a terrorist attack affects the economic field, society environment, tourism industry and the political sphere which have to rebuild an environment of peace and security.

The 7th and the 9th January 2015 have been a striking date for the French population but in the worldwide too. Indeed, the attack against the French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo was an infringement of the freedom of expression.

The second attack on the Hyper Casher has only added a fear with French people and tourists. On the other hand, these attacks created solidarity between French people and tourists in France: both took part to the walking of the 11th January 2015.

Since these events, the rate of frequentation decreased of almost 10% in the French hotels. The tourists rather do bring forward their holidays or shorten them.

The inhabitants decided to decrease their trips in restaurant, or even their moving with common carriers. It is a difficult situation for the Tour-Operators too because of the question about the Muslim destinations, which will suffer of the acts of three terrorists.

Indeed, the tourists could have some difficulties to dissociate the Muslim community from extreme Islamism. It could have the same consequence as the Arab Spring from March 2011. On the other hand, the negatives effects of the terrorist attacks disappear enough quickly. That is why the frequentation in Paris will increase from now until the next weeks.

Attacks, which are terrorists or not as we can just saw before have a direct repercussion upon hotels booking and the tourism sector in general. These events can harm to a destination and terrify potential tourists.

However this fear depends on types of bombing or attacks, reason of attack and reaction of the country concerned. When an attack impact a touristic destination, if this destination is not located in a risky zone then it won’t stay blocked and tourists will coming back after a decrease period and a certain length of time.

During this kind of events people needs to be put into perspective in order to not go too far in a panic and generalized these events.

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