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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : 3 new airlines for the 2014 spring-summer programme

Etihad Regional, Germanwings and Flybe

Three new airlines will be making an appearance at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport for the 2014 spring-summer programme, which kicks off on 30th March : Etihad Regional, Germanwings and Flybe.

Rédigé par le Lundi 24 Mars 2014

Etihad Regional will get started in Toulouse by offering an air route to Switzerland, which will provide a connection with flights out of the Geneva Airport operated by the Middle Eastern airline Etihad Airways.

As of 1st April, Geneva* will be served by 4 weekly flights (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays). Germanwings, Lufthansa’s low-cost subsidiary, is returning to Toulouse with a direct route to Hamburg** and 4 weekly flights (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays).

Last but not least, the English airline Flybe will be rounding out this trio of new airlines with the opening of a route to Birmingham, which will be fuelled by 6 weekly flights (every day except Saturdays).

In addition to the new routes on the network of scheduled flights, passengers will also have access to additional flights on existing routes like Ajaccio, Dijon, Mulhouse, Milan, Naples, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Palma, Majorca, Algiers, Oran and Marrakesh.

Adding new frequencies to existing routes is the other key element to keep in mind for the spring-summer programme; new frequencies contribute to the service quality that the Toulouse Airport offers inhabitants of South-West France to customise their journey, with many options for departure and return dates.

One example would be Marrakesh, whose flight offer has increased considerably with the arrival of easyJet.

The low-cost offer will make up 25% of scheduled traffic

This logic also applies to destinations that were met with great success in 2013, such as Tel Aviv. This summer, the route to Israel will be extended over a longer period of time than last year.

On the charter network, a new destination has been added to the programme: Izmir, Turkey will be offered by Marmara between 10 April and 30 October, with service on Thursdays.

Another new addition is the option of flying to Venice to board one of MSC Croisières’ ships for a Mediterranean cruise, every Sunday between 11 May and 8 June and between 14 September and 10 October.

For the spring-summer programme, the number of seats available is equal to that of summer 2013, with 6,144,547 seats for sale (3,419,144 seats on the scheduled domestic network and 2,452,043 seats on the scheduled international network). The low-cost offer will make up 25% of scheduled traffic.

The scheduled flight programme will be provided by 32 airlines serving 16 domestic and 43 international routes. As for charter flights, 18 airlines and 21 charter tour operators will be offering 44 destinations for the region’s holiday-makers.

* Geneva, also with easyJet (6 weekly flights).
** Hamburg, also with Air France (3 weekly flights).

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