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Why your customers should stay 2 nights in Halong Bay?

le Vendredi 21 Mars 2014

Why your customers should stay 2 nights in Halong Bay?
3h30 min journey on a bumpy road from Hanoi to Halong Bay could be the only explanation. Indeed, the road joining Vietnamese capital to the magnificent site recognized twice as a UNESCO Heritage Site is crowded, and it is at a much reduced speed that your customers will be driven the 165kms of it. Overnight cruises starting most of the time at noon time and finishing in the end of the following morning, your customers will stay on boat a bit less than 12 hours and spend more than 7 hours in a bus for it. Most travelers to Vietnam won’t have the choice, because of their budget, because of a too-short trip to Vietnam, but most of them will regret having barely enough time to unpack, enjoy the comfort of their cabin, and soak up the views from their private balcony.

Most of the passengers explain then that they would have chosen a longer option if they had known it was possible. Why ? To relax and enjoy the scenery, to go further in the bay and avoid the crowd, to do more excursions.

The main difference between a day cruise or overnight cruise and a longer cruise (from two nights up) is that a two day cruise or less doesn’t allow you to go deep inside the bay. The cruising time is limited and the boat cannot reach areas really far from the shore. And as most boats (out of the 500 boats in Halong Bay) are focusing on 2 day cruises or less, all of them are going to the same places. It is quite a pity, knowing that Halong Bay is stretching over more than 1500 km2.

For high-end travelers, sharing his experience on one of the most beautiful bays in the world with a hundred of other boats (with more or less good standards), will inevitably be a source of complains.

2 night trips and more allow cruise operators to offer more complete cruises, deeper into Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin, and therefore, to less frequented areas. A visit of the most secluded areas of the bay will bring an exclusive note to the cruise and bring to the travelers the possibility to discover unique places such as Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha bays, or the National Park of Cat Ba Island and its primary forest.

Bhaya Cruises offers with the Au Co, its latest ship, the first and only continuous itinerary of three days and two nights in the Gulf of Tonkin, giving the priority to exclusive areas thanks to a cruise of more than 100 kms (most of the overnight cruises will cruise 25km at best). With the only two ships in the area offering daily departures for such journeys, Bhaya Cruises is a pioneer in the world of luxury cruising in the area. For more information, please contact Armand CHEVEUX at

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