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World Cup : LAN and TAM announce addition of 300 new international and 750 domestic flights

World Cup flights schedule

LAN and TAM Airlines, part of LATAM Airlines Group, the largest airline group in South America, have announced the addition of over 300 new international flights to support demand during the World Cup this summer. In addition to this, TAM Airlines has altered 31% of its domestic flight network from 10 June to 15 July 2014 with the addition of over 750 new flights within Brazil.

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Over the coming months TAM is working on fine tuning details and getting approval for the small portion of flight requests still pending final approval.

The Company plans to submit additional requests during the event, once the second phase of the tournament matches is defined. LAN and TAM have also requested authorisation from Brazil’s ANAC to operate up to 201 international chartered flights during the event.

TAM estimates an investment of over than $21 million to implement the changes to the existing domestic network. The decision to add flights came after TAM evaluated all the approvals granted by Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

With these modifications, TAM will operate approximately 22,000 flights within Brazil during the World Cup with a total domestic passenger capacity of seven million. The company will maintain a daily average of 800 flights, 640 of which are domestic.

Tickets for TAM’s new domestic flights are already available for purchase through all of the company’s sales channels. Currently, 50% of the domestic tickets still available for sale during the tournament are on sale for under £150 each and 30% are being sold for less than £60.

During June and July 2014, the industry predicts a sharp decrease in business travel and an increased demand for leisure travel, specifically with peaks during certain times, dates and routes. Below are the changes to the number of TAM domestic flights in the host cities on days expected to experience heavier passenger traffic.

Note that the numbers are subject to change

• Belo Horizonte (Confins): 26 to 30 daily flights
• Brasília: 83 to 92 daily flights
• Cuiabá: 6 to 12 daily flights
• Curitiba: 29 to 32 daily flights
• Fortaleza: 28 to 33 daily flights
• Manaus: 13 to 15 daily flights
• Natal: 9 to 14 daily flights
• Porto Alegre: 26 to 31 daily flights
• Recife: 24 to 26 daily flights
• Rio de Janeiro (Galeão and Santos Dumont): 94 to 108 daily flights
• São Paulo (Congonhas, Guarulhos and Viracopos): 211 to 225 daily flights
• Salvador: 27 to 33 daily flights.

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