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Brest: A tour of murals on the right bank

Christophe Miossec, godfather of the project

Initiated in the 2000s during a beautification program of the Quatre-Moulins neighborhood on the right bank of Brest, “The walls are talking” is a tour of painted walls that revive this neighborhood of the city and that can be followed from a smartphone.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 19 Décembre 2016

"Les Quatre moulins" mural by Wen 2, a street artist from Brest
"Les Quatre moulins" mural by Wen 2, a street artist from Brest
“Composed of ten murals, the visit “The walls are talking” is a project that originates from the collaboration of the inhabitants and authorities from the region. These urban art pieces symbolize the commitment of the Brest collectivity in improving living conditions and promoting art and culture at the heart of the city,” explained Olivier Henne, Development Manager of the Brest tourism office.

This tour is part of a major revitalization program of Brest’s right bank, one of the emblematic neighborhoods of the agglomeration.

The singer Christophe Miossec is the project’s godfather. Born in Brest, he lives and performs here regularly. His portrait can be admired in the Saint-Martin neighborhood at 18 rue Bugeaud (created by Jef Aerosol as part of the Crime of Minds project.)

The tour with information on each piece can be experienced by connecting here:

Posters of the murals are available for free at the tourism office and the city-hall of the Quatre-Moulins neighborhood.

Practical Information

Brest Tourism Office

Finistère Tourism Website

Getting to Brest?


Several daily flights from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle or from Paris-Orly and other major cities of France.

Shuttles toward the city-center or toward the tramway departure.


Paris/Brest in TGV: 4h.

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