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Euro 2016 had a positive impact on the tourism industry in Marseille

Marseille and travel professionals rejoice

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Vendredi 4 Novembre 2016

During the Euro 2016 soccer event (June 10- July 10 2016) , hôtels in Marseille noticed a 24% growth in bookings in comparison with 2015 réservations at the same period thanks to the 220 000 incoming visitors (2/3 are fans from abroad) .

Insee Analyses
Insee Analyses
Soccer attracts the crowds; Euro 2016 is no exception.

There was a significant rise in 2&3* hôtels bookings in Marseille between June 10th and July 10th 2016 when the Phocean city was hosting six soccer games in competition (24% more than in 2015 at the same period).

220 000 supporters from abroad and from outside the department came to Marseille to attend Euro 2016. 2/3 of the visitors were foreign travellers who came to support their national team.

Some games were more popular than others: The first one in Marseille ("Russia-England") and the last one at Velodrome Stadium ("France-Germany") attracted the biggest crowds, and the semi-final of Euro 2016 was the attendance peak of the season.

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Sicences (INSEE) declares that there was a total of 3 300 additional hotel rooms occupancy during these two days.

Just before the game, on the night of the game and the day after, visitors went downtown eating and shopping. They played a key role increasing sales and consumption in Marseille.

Who are those foreign tourists?

They are soccer fans who came from abroad to encourage their team or to take part in the event.

English and Germans came massively to Marseille during the totality of Euro 2016.

The number of Polish and Hungarian visitors in Marseille was more important than usual.

Russians who were not that numerous in the region lately came massively habetween June and July.

In contrast, French people preferred to avoid the crowds and the "soccer madness". They flew to other régions or abroad during this period.

What impact the Euro 2016 had on the economy?

Besides Marseille, what was the impact of Euro 2016 on the tourism industry?

Marseille-Provence airport and the city of Aix-en-Provence have registered a significant growth in hotels occupancy. On the opposite, Aubagne, Toulon and the Côte d'Azur were not impacted by the Euro 2016.

Despite the fact that Nice hosted some of the soccer competitions, the hotel frequency dropped significantly during the month of June (-9.2% in comparison with 2015)

French tourists and foreigners alike were fewer in numbers.

Euro 2016 is an encouragement to create other federating events

Marseille and travel professionals are very satisfied with the economic impact of Euro 2016 on the tourism industry.

In those difficult times, such gatherings and such a positive economic impact on tourism can only be much appreciated.

Now is the time to think of other events and intitiatives to expand tourism in the region and in France.

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