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Germania: a German company that wants to seduce French Tour Operators

It has already operated for Fram and Thalasso n°1

Germania is a charter company that wants to develop itself in France. It hopes to seduce French tour-operators thanks to its expertise acquired through Airbus, for whom it does the shuttles between Toulouse and Hamburg.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 25 Juin 2015

The company Germania operates a fleet of 22 aircrafts. DR-Germania
The company Germania operates a fleet of 22 aircrafts. DR-Germania
Germania is one of the oldest charter companies in Europe.

Of German origin and based in Berlin, it serves close to 140 destinations with a fleet of 22 aircrafts.

Germania is still little known on the market, even though it got a contract with Airbus until 2017 to transport the group’s employees between Toulouse and Hamburg during the week.

For weekends, its plane was used by tour-operators such a Fram or Top of Travel.

It is in fact in the talks with Marmara, Promovacances in order to attempt to establish partnerships.

The company also exploited a plane on Charles de Gaulle with Thalasso n°1 between the months of August and November 2014.

“We would like to establish a permanent base in Paris to seduce new tour-operators,” explains Jérôme Newton, Business Director, who attended the CONNECT trade-show in Ireland.

Gain market share in France

Today, the company has nine bases in Germany and three in the United Kingdom. It transported 1.6 million passengers in 2013, meaning 60% more than in 2012.

It positions itself on ethnic lines with flights towards Israel, Beirut, or even Kosovo, and Iran from Germany.

It also serves sunny destinations like Spain, Greece, and Tunisia.

To convince French tour-operators who are reluctant to commit today, the company highlights its efficiency and great reputation.

“We have been in France since a few years thanks to Airbus and we know the field. I’m convinced that there is a market to tackle in order to develop ourselves.”

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