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TourMaGEvent - Give and Dance: the comeback of tourism’s biggest event!

At the ShowCase in Paris on September 30th, 2015

Francis Rosales, Manager of TourMaGEvent, the event creation and communication branch of TourMaG, tells us about this activity in preparation for his major annual event, scheduled on September 30th, 2015 in Paris.

Rédigé par The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 7 Juillet 2015

TourMaGEvent - Give and Dance: the comeback of tourism’s biggest event! - Can you tell us a bit more about the event Give and Dance/TourMaGEvent in the context of the IFTM Top Resa?

Francis Rosales: “On September 30th, 2015, will take place, like every year, the most important solidarity event aimed at tourism professionals that draws around 1,500 participants. was a true innovator in this field, for two reasons.

First of all, we revived the festive spirit of large-scale tourism through an elaborate party, just like the times of Deauville, after which major parties disappeared when Top Resa moved to Paris.

Then, we were the first to join it with a spirit of solidarity via the organization Give and Dance.

The first party took place at the VIP Room in 2013, the 2nd in the ShowCase in 2014, and we’re coming back there for this 3rd edition.

Every year we attempt to review the concept by avoiding a déjà vu.

Many surprises will be announced the closer we get to the day of the event.

Our goal is to create, like always, a particular ambiance, with musical entertainment and relevant shows.” - How is this party going to be run?

Francis Rosales: “This event operates through a pooling model where 10 partners will benefit from a high-impact marketing plan and a privatized space where they will be able to host clients and collaborators.

In return, they are entitled to an extensive visibility during 3 months, from July to September.

The pooling of all the partners enables to invite all tourism professionals to a high quality event with an open bar and open food, with the goal of “dancing to help.”

We simply ask them to make a contribution out of solidarity at the entrance in order to contribute to the organization that we picked.

Every year we support a different cause. This year, we’re helping the “Association la Jeunesse au Plein Air” that has the goal of allowing 30 youngsters take a vacation for the first time in their lives.

The goal is to raise 10,000 euros. We already raised 1,000 during the Ditex event, we’re missing 9,000 euros. We’re hoping to reach that amount during the event on September 30, 2015.” - Beside the Give and Dance events, what does TourmaGEvent do?

Francis Rosales: “More generally, TourMaGEvent handles pooled events and white-labeling events.

For the pooled events, we have the Give and Dance events in the context of Ditex and Top Resa as well as Tourmag&co Roadshow that takes place several times a year.

Globally, the idea is to pool the means of several partners in order to enable them to carry out large-scale events at a lower cost.

We also organize all types of events for our advertisers, soirées, workshops, diner cocktails, lunches, brunches in white-labeling products.

The concept is to be a substitute for the advertiser to make his job easier, but also to guarantee the success of his event, by making all of our know-how available.

We have already organized over fifty events in white-labeling. Recently, for example, we planned one for several tourism offices who entrusted us with the organization of their national tour.

We took care of everything, up to the most minute details, such as handling the sound and visual ambiance for each destination.” - What is the strength of TourmaGEvent?

Francis Rosales: “It rests on the power of the group, that is the most popular BtoB platform in tourism, with 3,700,000 visits and 7,200,000 page views per years (certified by the OJD, The Broadcast Justification Office.)

Our strength is also our know-how in terms of marketing and communications that enables us to bring together the targets that our partners are expecting via phone-calls and emailing.” - What differentiates you from competitors in event planning?

Francis Rosales: “We are the only BtoB media in tourism to possess an event department entirely dedicated to tourism companies.

But we can also provide our partners with all of our know-how: creation, organization, and media coverage of the event.

We have a three people team specially dedicated to this activity and we also share our graphic design studio or our audiovisual production department to make photo reports and videos of the events we produce.” - Tells us about “Give and Dance”…

Francis Rosales: “I created the organization “Give and Dance” 4 years ago with a group of friends. The goal is to raise funds for a good cause during a party.

It all started from my personal story. I was adopted in India and once I returned to my native land, I promised to the head mother of my orphanage that I would help her financially.

So we created a first event between friends, during which each of us contributed a small donation. After that, we had the idea of founding the association “Give and Dance,” that has the goal of organizing events that would profit associations.

Fabien Da Luz attended one of these parties and it is there and then that he offered to import this festive and solidarity concept to tourism.

This is how our Give and Dance/TourmaGEvent parties were born.

We decided to organize the first edition of Give and Dance at the VIP Room in 2013 and the success was huge since we raised the highest sum ever raised during a Give and Dance soirée.

Give and Dance was able to take off thanks to the generosity of tourism professionals.”

Sign-up for the event Give and Dance/TourMaGEvent at the Showcase on September 30th, 2015, by clicking here.

TourMaGEvent - Give and Dance: the comeback of tourism’s biggest event!
To contact Francis Rosales, Events and Event Communications Manager of TourMaGEvent:


Phone: +33 6 50 42 42 16

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