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Travel&Co: the expert on Latin America and Australia now tackles Asia

The group finished the year with a 9% growth

The group Travel & Co, owner of the two brands Australie Tours and Alma Latina, should be launching, in June 2015, a production on Asia. A way to find new means of growth for the company that is already going through a great growth spurt.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 24 Mars 2015

Claude Blanc, Co-President of the group Travel&Co, will introduce, next June, a new brochure on Asia. DR
Claude Blanc, Co-President of the group Travel&Co, will introduce, next June, a new brochure on Asia. DR
A new producer is beginning a conquest of Asia.

It is the group Travel&Co, owner of the brands Alma Latina and Australie Tours (B2B) and Terres de Charmes (B2C), who will introduce a new brochure on this geographic zone next June.

Its Co-President, Claude Blanc, prefers, however, to keep the secret for a few more weeks.

“We’re going to open a third pole in a new region of the world for customized trips. But I would rather wait the release of our production to reveal where,” he smiles.

Looking at Asia

Travel&Co will place its bets on Asia, becoming a new player in this competitive region, yet that doesn’t seem to worry the CEO Jean-Paul Chantraine.

“Competition stimulates us,” he whispered with a malicious look, on Thursday March 19th, 2015, during a press conference where he was presenting his new Australia-Pacific brochure.

This area is a hunting ground for the group Travel and Co through its brand Australie Tours.

But Australia did not have a great touristic season, due to the rise of the dollar and the high rates of flights.

However, the brand Alma Latina has progressed well, with an increase of 15% in revenue. Even its B2C brand, Terres de Charme, is in good shape with a growth of 7%.

In total, the group Travel&Co finished the year with an increasing business turnover of 9%.

Excellent results that it hopes to consolidate by establishing in Asia, a region that is now very popular amongst French clients.

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