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Vueling mobilizes travel agents against the common enemy: Ryanair!

Vueling is multiplying its “Vueling Days” by inviting travel agents to come visit the headquarters of the company in Barcelona. The goal is to develop relationships with tour-operators and distributors, a scheme deemed necessary for the expansion of the Spanish low-cost. After the Spanish, German, Belgian professionals, it was...

Paris Airports Group refuses to be seen as Air France’s executioner

Paris Airports is going to invest 4.6 billion euros to improve the infrastructures of its two Parisian platforms. A development plan called Connect 2020 that justifies, in the eyes of the CEO, the taxes payed by airline companies, including Air France. Augustin de Romanet refuses to bear the responsibility for the crisis at Air...

Turkey: the attack in Ankara will have “no long term effect” on tourism

The double terrorist attack in Ankara committed on Saturday, October 10th, 2015, while it did not take place in a touristic zone and killed no travelers, could have consequences on tourism in the country. An event that tour-operators and DMCs would have gladly avoided after already suffering from a difficult year in 2015. But...

Online comments: the government no longer wants junk comments!

In the bill for a Digital Republic, put forward by Axelle Lemaire, State Secretary on Digital Issues, article 15 aims at forcing websites that host online comments on hotels to explicitly specify if the published comments were verified beforehand. They will also need to disclose their methods of verification. Publishing fake...

Exclusive: HNA-Selectour Afat offer a firm buyout of Voyages FRAM

The group HNA, whose consistency we were beginning to doubt, breaks it silence and issues a firm and definitive offer for the acquisition of the tour-operator Fram, in accordance with the conditions that we explained in our previous publications. Dominique Beljanski confirmed so during a press conference held in conjunction...

In 2016, Univairmer will launch door-to-door selling with the joint-venture MyTravel!

Univaimer hopes to reach a perimeter of 100 to 120 integrated physical agencies by the end of 2018. The next operation for external growth is planned for next March. The group, that recently acquired 24 Thomas Cook agencies, is also going to put 15 of its agencies under the Jet Tours brand. Other lines of development:...

IOX Tour: small loss of €100,000 for APST

According to our informations, the losses of IOX Tour that its financial guarantor must cover would amount to 100,000 euros. Essentially, the association must take up the tickets for the Rugby World Cup that the travel agency was not able to pay. The financial losses of IOX Tour, placed in judicial liquidation by Lyon’s...

Tourism in France: Laurent Fabius takes action with

One year after the National Tourism Forum, the Annual Tourism Conference didn’t remain a vague thing. The major lines had been drawn, now is time for major decisions and action! We are no longer beating around the bush, or holding meetings, to eventually determine what actions should be taken in order for France, - “the world’s...

Air Tahiti Nui is surfing on the craze over French Polynesia

French Polynesia is doing very well on the French market. A craze proving beneficial to Air Tahiti Nui since it is making profits for the third consecutive year. All the indicators are positive for Polynesia. In the first six months of the year, the archipelago attracted 14,913 French visitors, a slight increase of 1%. “We are...

Départ Demain: Michel-Yves Labbé aims at €1 million in turnover by the end of 2015

The app, Départ Demain, launched one year ago by Michel-Yves Labbé should reach one million euros in turnover, between now and the end of 2015. For 2016, the company hopes to double this result through the expansion in the amount of products sold. Départ Demain is pursuing its growth. The smartphone application devoted to ultra...
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