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Kappa Clubs: NG Travel is aiming at 65,000 clients in 2015

A brochure dedicated to the concept in 2015

All inclusive, originality in the activities and flexibility in the creation of trips: such is the formula rewritten by NG Travel for the 13 Kappa Clubs programmed this year.

Rédigé par Geneviève BIEGANOWSKI translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 12 Février 2015

The second life of the Kappa Clubs is taking on true momentum in 2015. This brand that was dormant now holds an important spot in the resort production of NG travel - DR : Screen shot Kappa Club
The second life of the Kappa Clubs is taking on true momentum in 2015. This brand that was dormant now holds an important spot in the resort production of NG travel - DR : Screen shot Kappa Club
Until now, there was just one brochure for the resort production at NG Travel under the brand of Boomerang Voyages by Iléatours.

Now, there are two, since the tour-operator is also coming out with a brochure dedicated to the Kappa Club concept, with 13 proposed locations including 5 in far destination, long-haul flights.

The Kappa Club brochure is printed is 250,000 copies and NG Travel hopes to seduce 65,000 clients with this product, of which the average spending amount is estimated at 950 euros.

The reincarnation of Kappa Club is in fact taking on real momentum in 2015.

This dormant brand that the NG Travel group had bought out in 2008 to restart it quite weakly 2013 with only one location in Maurice, now holds an important spot in the resort production of NG Travel.

The “different club” concept particularly seduced visitors last year with five resorts.

Result: 25,000 clients for a total business revenue of 25 million euros.

Respond to the new expectations of resort clientele

DR : G.B
DR : G.B
Taking the current situation into account, the Kappa Club seems rather ambitious in 2015 to say the least, yet, Olivier Kervella, head of NG Travel, insists that risk taking is controlled.

“Our concept responds to the new expectations of the club clientele,” he summarizes. The product itself was redesigned and it is structured by acute organization.

Thus, in terms of managements, the commitment from hotels on 3 to 5 year contracts enables to lower the rates. Especially because these agreements lead to no penalties up to an occupancy rate of 70 to 80% of the rooms.

This management flexibility on the hotel stocks is linked to the same flexibility in air transport stock of more than 100,000 seats that the company has committed to.

The “in-house” technology also integrates low-cost transporters. Result, “we’re the only ones on the market able to offer a club with dynamic offers that is not only cut up in weeks.”

The “in-house” technology also manages 70% of the B2B sales entirely effected online. “The margins are small in tour operating, the technology is crucial to make money,” comments Olivier Kervella.

And that is something that NG Travel knows how to do since it announces a profitable result of 4 million euros for 2014.

Reinforcing the medium-haul offer

In terms of products, the Kappa Club is all inclusive, and is a product that marries “quality and a friendly atmosphere.”

The 100% francophone activities are “à la carte”, no big shows at night with tired performers.

In exchange, concerts or shows with local artists, casino nights, film screenings on the beach, dinners organized outside the club in local restaurants, “leisure coaches” for all traditional sports.

But also mountain biking excursions, paddle boarding, multimedia workshop for children, teens, and parents, pyjama nights for kids, and other family activities.

In short, an activities program that the manager of each Kappa takes initiative over.

After Maurice, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Zanzibar, and Thailand, the Kappa Club particularly focused on reinforcing medium-haul destinations this year.

In this way, the Kappa in Marrakech is programed to leave in the Spring. Same story for the Kappa Barcelo in Andalusia and for that of Djerba, the Penelope of the Magic Life cheptel.

In Sardinia, an ancient convent, 45 minutes from Cagliari, is offered while in Greece the Kappa brand comes back to its original location, the Euboea Island, where all of the Hotel Eretria’s 107 room are dedicated to the club.

It is also present in Rhodes in a brand new hotel, all managed by Magic Life.

In terms of distribution, while all the major brands in the distribution sector have adopted the production of NG Travel, some major traditional networks are still lacking, aside form Selectour Afat.

“What interests us is having partners to provide them with a stock that caters to their needs,” explains Philippe Sangouard, Commercial Director. Which is why negotiations are being maintained with other networks.

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