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Moulins (Allier): the National Center of Stage Costumes (CNCS) turns 10

new exhibit starting on April 9, 2016

In 2016, the National Center of Stage Costume in Moulins celebrates its 10th birthday and starts off this year of anniversary to the tune of baroque music, with, beginning April 9th, an exhibit showcasing the most beautiful costumes from the Arts Florissants shows.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 7 Mars 2016

Poster of the Barockissimo exhibit at the CNCS (Photo:CNCS/Florent Giffard)
Poster of the Barockissimo exhibit at the CNCS (Photo:CNCS/Florent Giffard)
While the Prejlocaj exhibit at the CNCS in Moulins is ending on Sunday, March 6, 2016, the new exhibit « Barockissimo ! Les arts florissants en scène » will take place from April 9 through September 18.

The exhibit « Barockissimo ! Les arts florissants en scène »

« A baroque music ensemble, Les Arts Florissants, founded in 1979 by the French-American orchestra conductor William Christie, is a major influence in the revival of the baroque repertoire.

Les Arts Florissants works with the most important directors such as Jean-Marie Villégier, Alfredo Arias, Pierre Barrat... and choreographers like Francine Lancelot or Trisha Brown.

The exhibit evokes the incredible inventiveness of the Arts Florissants with nearly one hundred and fifty stage costumes coming from different productions.

It will also set up reproductions of decors and costumes, photographies, film excerpts, the whole experience paired with music!

We will admire both the art and originality of the costume designers, and boldness and adventurous spirit of the Arts Florissants, ranging from the Louis XIV keg to the Incas feathers or the haute-couture transvestite!
 » explains Delphine Pinasa, Director of the CNCS.

The festivities of this 10 year anniversary

Numerous activities were programmed for the celebration of this first decade.

March 19: inauguration of the photo exhibit « Souvenirs du Quartier Villars, itinéraire découverte », children’s workshops and conference;

April 8,9 and 10: sale of sticker stamps “CNCS” issued by the Postal Service at the Place d’Armes;

April 24: preparation workshops for the major costumed ball of July 14th (costumes and danses);

May 21: “Super-Hero” show and European night of Museums;

May 22: preparation workshops for the major costumed ball of July 14th (costumes and danses);

May 28: photo exhibit on the emblematic costumes of the CNCS collections, the Jean Jaurès classes to be confirmed;

June 26: preparation workshops for the major costumed ball of July 14th (costumes and danses);

July 2nd: « Opéraoké » show then concert of the Auvergne orchestra;

July 10: preparation workshops for the major costumed ball of July 14th (costumes and danses);

July 14: Major costumed ball at the Place d’Armes

August 12-15: sound and lights show will retrace the history of CNCS

September 17 and 18: European Heritage Days

Practical Information

Quartier Villars
Route de Montilly
Phone. : 04 70 20 76 20
Fax : 04 70 34 23 04

Rates: Adults from 6 to 11 euros, children starting at 3 euros.

Website :


Tourism Office of l'Allier:

Getting to l'Allier ?

By Car

Paris – Moulins : 300 km
Paris – Vichy : 360 km
Paris – Montluçon : 326 km
Lyon – Moulins : 189 km
Lyon – Vichy : 163 km
Lyon – Montluçon : 240 km

> From Paris, A71 (Montluçon) or A6, A77, N7 (Moulins)
> From Toulouse, A20, A89, A71 (Montluçon, Vichy)
> From Lyon, A72, A71 (Montluçon, Vichy), A6, N79 (RCEA) or N7 (Moulins)

By train

Paris – Moulins : 2h26
Paris – Vichy : 2h53
Paris – Montluçon : 3h03
Lyon – Moulins : 2h27
Lyon – Vichy : 1h52
Lyon – Montluçon : 3h48

By airplane

International airport of Clermont-Ferrand (04 73 62 71 00)

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