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The price to quality ratio for the Parisian Palaces?

Study by Cedric Leclercq - Consultourisme

Rédigé par Cedric Leclercq translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 21 Juin 2016

Consultourisme led a study for at the heart of 8 Parisian Palaces: Shangri-La, Royal Monceau, Plaza Athénée, Bristol, George V, Meurice, Park Hyatt Vendôme and Mandarin Oriental. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these facilities? It there one in particular that stands out? In this second section, the study took a close look at the rates.

The cheapest facility observe on the studied period is the Paris Hyatt Vendôme. The rates of the Parisian Palaces depend on the period - Paris Hyatt Vendôme
The cheapest facility observe on the studied period is the Paris Hyatt Vendôme. The rates of the Parisian Palaces depend on the period - Paris Hyatt Vendôme
These rates were disclosed before a visit, on February 24, 2016, for a 2 night stay in a double room from April 1-3, in order to have visibility for more than one month in advance.

These rates are subject to periodic fluctuations.

Établissement Prix Public
Park Hyatt Vendome 1  394,60 €
Shangri-La 1  449,60 €
Royal Monceau 1  537,60 €
Bristol 1  700,00 €
Meurice 1  737,60 €
Mandarin Oriental 1  967,00 €
Four Seasons – George V 2  399,00 €
Plaza Athénée 3  167,50 €

In order to emphasize our price analysis we did another rate comparison in mid-May for a reservation made the night before the stay, on a week-day, for one night with breakfast in a double room.

Établissement Prix Public
Park Hyatt Vendome 868,80 €
Meurice 1  020,00 €
Shangri-La 1  048,80 €
Plaza Athénée 1  094,00 €
Mandarin Oriental 1  097,00 €
Four Seasons – George V 1  299,60 €
Bristol 1  310,00 €
Royal Monceau 1  316,00 €

While the Park Hyatt seems to be the facility with the “lowest” rates, the rates of the 8 palaces should be compared during specific dates since they are prone to vary depending on the period (vacation, week, weekend, major event in the capital etc.) and on special offers.

These rates are those that appear for direct reservations on the facilities’ respective websites.

Find the entire Parisian Palaces study by clicking here


In this study we will review the “official” Parisian palaces. Indeed, this label is very recent in France. The 5 star category dates from only 2009 in our country (a controlled category that must meet criteria pertaining to comfort, hygiene, services, accessibility, access to new technologies, and sustainable development.)
The “palace” distinction is granted by a jury based on very detailed requirements.

In this respect, 16 facilities in France have received this distinction, of which 8 are located in Paris. Our study is based on these Parisian hotels.

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