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Val-de-Marne: Vélo Pop Tours along the water in July

July 2nd and 24th, 2016

To celebrate the 80 years of the Popular Front (Front Populaire in French), Val-de-Marne Tourisme & Loisirs offers two bike tours, one along the Seine and the other along the Marne, to relive the waterside leisures just like the time of the first paid days off.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 20 Juin 2016

“What could be better to celebrate the anniversary of the Popular Front and the law on paid holidays than follow the footsteps of Parisians in 1936 who lounged on the shores of the Val-de-Marne river!

Val-de-Marne Tourisme & Loisirs offers the experience of retracing this trip by bike, meeting interesting, not-so-historical personalities along the way, with the objective of joining a party either at a train station or on the beach…”
explains Emilie Filliot-Salomon from Val-de-Marne Tourisme.

Saturday, July 2nd:

This bike tour will leave from Paris and will ride along the shores of the Seine. It will be animated by poetic presentations by the festive and whimsical Firewomen-Poets duo. Upon arrival, participants will be able to join the Grande Fête of the Big Paris organized by Gare au théâtre and several partners in Vitry-sur-Seine, with the possibility of having a picnic.

Sunday, July 24:

This time, on the shores of the Marne, Henriette and Huguette, experts in biking, will take participants to the nautical base of Champigny-sur-Marne, a former municipal beach of the 1930s.

After biking along the water, participants will be able to partake in the nautical activities offered by Champigny-Plage, enjoy a lunch at the Guinguette of the Martin-Pêcheur and to picnic or maybe even dance.

Practical information

Sign-up is mandatory on

Rates: €8 for the tour only, €15 for the tour and bike rental on location.

Departures at 10 am from Paris for a duration of around 3 hours. Meeting spots given upon sign up.

Bike rentals and guide by Paris Bike Tour

Getting to Val-de-Marne?


Val-de-Marne, outside of Paris, is linked by four highways: A4, A86, A6 and the Francilienne.

A4 connects Val-de-Marne to Strasbourg by going via Reims and Metz.

A86 the super Parisian beltway links Val-de-Marne to the prefectures and sub-prefectures of the immediate vicinity of Paris: Antony, Créteil, Bobigny, Saint-Denis, Nanterre and Versailles.

The Francilienne, an express road, allows a circumvention of Paris and connects Val-de-Marne to all the new cities (Evry, etc).

The A6 connects Val-de-Marne to Lyon via the Saône valley.

Through the roads, the department is located 15 minutes from the center of paris, 2h20 from Lille, 4h from Nantes, 4h30 from Lyon or Strasbourg, 5h45 from Bordeaux.

By Airplane

The Orly International Airport is located in the Val-de-Marne. As the second French airport is has connections all over the world and serves over 300 destinations.

From the Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can join the Val-de-Marne by taking the RER B.

By train

From Paris, Val-de-Marne is connected by:

-5 RER lines:

RER A : from Vincennes to Boissy-Saint-Léger and Bry-sur-Marne

RER B : from Gentilly to Arcueil-Cachan

RER C : from Ivry-sur-Seine to Ablon-sur-Seine

RER D : from Maisons-Alfort to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges

RER E : from Val-de-Fontenau to Plessis-Trévisse

-3 metro lines:

Metro 1: from Paris to Vincennes

Metro 7 : from Paris to Ivry-sur-Seine

Metro 8 : from Paris to Charenton-le-Pont, Maisons-Alfort and Créteil

Trans-Val-de-Marne bus (TVM) connects to all the department's cities.

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