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Paris Airports/Air France… a couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

The relationship between Paris Airports [ADP - French acronym] and Air France is akin to that of a couple. Indeed, neither of them can live without each other. I would even say that they only exist for one another. It is unthinkable to imagine ADP’s future without its vital client and it is impossible for Air France to live...

Air France: a useless protest?

While wage negotiations are still on hold, thousands of people protested on October 22, 2015, against the job cuts at Air France. A battle that reinforces the determination of those facing the management, that still will not make any concessions. It now remains to be seen who will succeed in reconciling them. 1pm. The protest...

FRAM: A. Minchella (Cediv) wants to mobilize the profession in order to save the TO

The President of the Cediv, Adriana Minchella, launches an appeal in’s columns to incite travel agencies to mobilize in saving FRAM and avoid the tour-operator’s demise. Contacted by, she stresses her devotion to the brand and believes “she’s not alone. Many travel agencies care a lot for the...

Cruise on the Mediterranean: and our favorite cruise is…

Consultourisme embarks on a cruise. For, the research firm looked at this sector that has largely been democratized. To refine this comparison, the study focuses on cruises sharing the common base of stopovers on the Adriatic Sea. Here is a look at the overall picture. The winner of our ranking was love at first...

Voyages FRAM: filing for bankruptcy could make group operators collapse

If the HNA and Selectour Afat offer were to be withdrawn, FRAM may have to file for bankruptcy. A failure that may send a shockwave strong enough to teeter many players of France’s tourism sector. Starting with group operators. In the last few days, doubt has settled around the case of FRAM’s acquisition. While we thought the...

Jet Airways bets on business travel to make the Paris-Mumbai flight profitable

The Indian company, Jet Airways, suffered from the confusion around visas and Europe’s economic uncertainty. After 18 months of operation of the Paris-Mumbai line, it hopes to quickly reach financial equilibrium by seducing a corporate clientele. Like its competitor Air India, Jet Airways suffered greatly on the French market...

I tested the Paris-Rio flight with the Brazilian company TAM

In spite of a particularly strenuous connection at the São Paulo airport, the Brazilian company TAM offers a product with excellent price to quality ratio to cross the Atlantic. tested the economy class just for you. There are many options for the traveler wishing to get from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. First of all,...

Voyages FRAM: what are the scenarios (including the worst) for the tour-operator’s recovery?

On the eve of a decisive week for the future of Voyages FRAM, the employees’ worries keep on growing: exactly how will the tour-operator from Toulouse be devoured? Especially after last Friday’s Ciri meeting was postponed to this week. As a result, following the not-so-reassuring statements made by Marie-Christine Chaubet, who...

Naya Club: Voyamar launches its clubs in Greece, Italy, and Spain

Voyamar will open 5 francophone clubs under the brand Naya Club in Majorca, Sardinia, Zakynthos, Crete and Corfu. The TO hopes to tackle a segment of the market on which it was absent, in order to conquer new clients. Voyamar launches its Naya Clubs, a Francophone range of clubs, with the opening of two new destinations for the...

Mediterranean Cruise: the forces at work on the Adriatic Coast takes a cruise. Contracted by, Consultourisme studied this product that has been largely democratized. To refine the comparison, the study focuses on cruises sharing the common base of stop-overs on the coasts of the Adriatic Sea. Despite the sometimes outdated and uptight image often conveyed by some...
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