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Carnival in Seychelles : The Power of Nature ‘Krakatau Heritage’ will be bringing a new dimension to the 2014 edition

a strong brand and identity that is unique to the peoples

Carnival of the Carnivals in Seychelles 2014 will be used to showcase The World Heritage Site of Mount Krakatau following its historical eruption in 1883. This eruption demonstrated the power of the earth in creating a new mountain Anak Krakatau, today an exotic tourism destination of the world in Lampung, Indonesia.

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Mercredi 26 Février 2014

Located at the Straits of Sunda, Krakatau is part of Lampung Province, one among the cultural troupes of the 350 ethnics of Indonesian.

The Premier of South Lampung Regent confirms “We are the people of Carnival - We celebrate togetherthe many cultures found in Indonesia. Through the performance of arts we also transform fashion and creative individual of all ages to promote carnival across border”.
Krakatau Carnival has been held annually for the last 23 years in South Lampung integrating culture and uniting people from all over Indonesia and its neighbouring countries.

Over the years, the Krakatau Carnival Festival has developed a strong brand and identity that is unique to the peoples. The 2014 edition of the Carnival International de Victoria had been pre-launched in South Lampung during the 23rd Krakatau Festival on 19 October 2013.

Nico Barito, the Special Envoy of Seychelles for ASEAN together with the Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, Governor of Lampung together with Ambassadors from 25 countries were at this festival, all wearing polo shirts reflecting the colour of Seychelles flag.

Co-hosted by the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands

Indonesian has participated in the carnival in Seychelles every year showcasing their culture and artists.

The Indonesian delegation in the carnival in Seychelles have brought forward different themes each year, staging the Kalimantan Borneo Rain Forest, Sumatera Tribe, Bangka Belitung the island beyond the rainbow, Bali Island of the Gods and Sekar Jepun international dancers together with top artist of Indonesian Talent the 2 Faces Jc Hudson.

This year, for the 2014 Carnaval International de Victoria that is being co-hosted by the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands of Seychelles, La Reunion, Madagascar and Mayotte and also South Africa KwaZulu Natal.

Indonesia will impress the carnival that is staged with the theme of the melting pot of cultures, with the new costumes and themes inspired by Krakatau Heritage, showcasing the power of nature and the splendid costume innovated by top designers showcasing movement and vibrant traditional beats and the South Lampung ‘Tuping Gendong’ creative pickaback moves.

Anak Krakatau is an active volcano that surfaced only in 1927

Lampung has invited Seychelles to take part in Krakatau International Carnival next May 2014. This of no doubt will be an opportunity to introduce Seychelles tourism to other islands nation within Indian Ocean.

The collaboration of Seychelles and Lampung being two destinations within the Indian Ocean will attract international tourist to witness the Anak Krakatau (The child of Krakatau) the remnants of the ancient Mount Krakatau.

Anak Krakatau is an active volcano that surfaced only in 1927 and incredibly, still continues to grow as a result of volcanic activities below.
Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture has welcome the confirmation received by Indonesia.

"They have seen the merit for being at the carnival in Seychelles to showcase their country's tourism through the use of culture. Indonesia is showing that they are not shy of their culture, and in so doing their people and they are ready to continue to put these unique assets of theirs in the forefront of their marketing strategy" said Minister St.Ange.

The Minister also used said that he needed to thank Mr Nico Barito, the Seychelles Consul in Indonesia and Special Envoy of Seychelles for ASEAN for his tireless effort to continue to develop cooperation with Indonesia and other countries from the ASEAN Block.

Seychelles also moved since some five years to put culture and the people of Seychelles as the base for the marketing of the islands. This approach was consolidated with the creation of a Ministry responsible for Tourism and Culture together.

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