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WTM London: 50,000 visitors and €2.8 billion of revenue generated in 4 days!

Despite the crisis, Europe is present in full force

With 50,000 visitors and 2.8 billion euros in revenue generated for exhibitors, the WTM trade fair in London is an unmissable event for tourism professionals worldwide. explains why.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 6 Novembre 2014

The aisles of the WTM Trade Fair in London were filled throughout the day. Better patiently wait for coffee! © WTM
The aisles of the WTM Trade Fair in London were filled throughout the day. Better patiently wait for coffee! © WTM
In the busy aisles of the WTM trade fair in London, participants are frenetically typing on their smartphones while rushing towards their next meeting.

Because here, high-speed wifi is available for free.

A small detail that says a lot on the remarkable organization of an event that is celebrating, this year, its 35th anniversary.

Even inside the DRL (areal train) that leads to the ExCeL congress center, the organizers have deployed personnel to orient the 50,000 expected visitors during the four day fair.

Close to 5000 exhibitors are set up on each side of the long unique hall, lit up by natural light.

Despite the crisis, Europe is present in full force. Greece, Italy, and Spain have some of the largest stands, along with those of the Middle East of course.

An expensive but profitable fair?

In total, close to 184 countries or regions are represented, some of which are here for the first time, such as North Korea, Myanmar, Mongolia, or Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are 213 new exponents in total.

“Every year, we attract more visitors and exhibitors, even though Europe is a strong market” rejoices Simon Press, Senior Executive Director of the fair.

“The secret to success is customizing communication to tap into all markets, even the smallest niches.”

Bloggers, the LGBT community, ecologists, adventurers, or luxury specialists: there is something for everybody.

Geeks are especially spoiled with the TravelTech Show created in 2013 that welcomes 47 new exhibitors. There are famous brands like TripAdvisor, but also less known companies such as Multicom, HitchHiker and Vertical Systems.

Finally let’s not forget the Buyers’ Club, and its 8500 members who came to shop.

Because the WTM isn’t a fair to stroll around two concerts or enjoy a few glasses of champagne. People come here to work.

The organizers assured that this year it will generate 2.5 billion pounds (3.18 billion euros) for the exhibitors versus 2.2 billion last year (€2.8 billion.)

“We interview participants one month after the event to calculate precisely the business they made during those four days” insures Simon Press.

However, some complain about the price of the fair where prices have increased by 3% this year.

“It is a heavy investment that puts a dent of 320,000 pounds (€408,060) in our budget” explains Gwénaëlle Maret Delos, Director of the British office of Atout France.

“Especially since it represents only one action within all of the activities we put on throughout the year.”

But Simon Press refuses to speak of money and did not want to confirm that price increase, preferring to direct his speech on the quality of visitor turn out and the return on investments.

Eventually, it is up to everyone’s discretion to make their calculations and judge the relevance of participating in the fair.

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