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B2B Incoming: Génération Voyageurs includes sharing economy to its trips in France

packages to sell in agencies

A new B2B incoming agency devoted to France was just born. It is called Génération Voyageurs and it hopes to be distinguish itself through its packages that fuse traditional trips and “collaborative” experiences. Objective: offer authentic stays to travelers over 50 years old.

Rédigé par Céline Eymery translated by Joséphine Foucher le Vendredi 3 Juin 2016

Paul Bonte (formerly at Nouvelles Frontières) launched, with his son Mark, a new DMC on France: Génération Voyageurs  - Photo DR Génération Voyageurs
Paul Bonte (formerly at Nouvelles Frontières) launched, with his son Mark, a new DMC on France: Génération Voyageurs - Photo DR Génération Voyageurs
Authentic trips in France, adapted to a senior clientele… such is the slogan of the new incoming agency Génération Voyageurs.

Based in Aix-Les Miles (13), the family company was founded early this year. It is headed by Paul and Mark Bonte. Paul is not new to tourism. He started his career with Jacques Maillot at Nouvelles Frontières. He was the director for incoming agencies before taking the position of purchase manager at TUI France.

He then collaborated with Travel Europe and Héliades. Mark, 26 years old, graduated with a Masters in International Business from ESG Management School Paris and has experience in tourism and communication, abroad especially.

“The idea is to have an inter-generational approach inside the company,” explains Paul Bonte, CEO. This philosophy is reflected in what the company offers as it that prides itself in proposing unique and authentic stays to travelers over 50 years old.

“We have an innovative approach, the goal is to stand out by creating packages that fuse the sharing economy with traditional economy,” explains the CEO.

To do so, Génération Voyageurs partnered with collaborative platforms such as Bedycasa (peer to peer room rental), Vizeat (meals at locals’ home), or Rendez-vous chez nous (experiences with locals.)

Packages to sell in agencies

Over 3,000 products were selected by the agency to adorn the the stays with unique experiences and excursions.

“We focus on immersive tourism. Seniors are less inclined to directly go through these types of platforms,” highlights Paul Bonte.

As for accommodations, the agency offers services in small hotels, pensions, lodges, guest rooms, or tourism residences with services included (late check out, free in-room service, upgrading, no laundry fee etc.)

To sell these packages, the DMC hopes to partner with French travel agencies and foreign tour-operators. “The basis of our business model relies on B2B sales,” insists the CEO of Génération Voyageurs.

The TooGo software enables him to create tailor-made itineraries by combining traditional products with products from the sharing economy. “For agencies, this is a great way to retain clients through an offer that takes them off the beaten tracks,” ensures Paul Bonte.

In TOs' Top 100 in the next 3 years

Mark Bonte - DR
Mark Bonte - DR
On Paris, a short 3-night stay includes accommodations in a guest room with breakfast, a “nighttime” excursion in a 2CV, dinner in a local’s home, visits of the Garnier Opera and the Republican Guard along with a discovery around honey.

For the CEO, the potential is major.

According to number communicated by Atout France, seniors aged between 55 and 75 already account for 20% of all tourism expenditures in Europe. The proportion of European seniors who travel outside the French territory should largely increase and go from 11.5 to 20% by 2030.

With such projections, Génération Voyageurs hopes to enter in the Top 100 of French tour-operators and surpass €1.2 million in sales revenue in the next 3 years.

Réceptif B2B : Génération Voyageurs intègre le collaboratif à ses voyages en France

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