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Celebrate Christmas at Disneyland Paris up to January 8th

Experience Disney's magic for the Holidays

Parades, new characters, seasonal shows… Visitors will celebrate a magical Christmas at Disneyland Paris.

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Photo: Disneeyland Paris
Photo: Disneeyland Paris
On November 11, Disneyland Paris went through a transformation to celebrate Christmas. The magic will go on up to January 8th 2017.

Music, Christmas lights, a special decoration and seasonal shows contribute to create a fairytale atmosphere.

New floats for the parade, a new héroine who joins the famous Disney's characters, nocturnal magics and an enchanted atmosphere in the various areas of the park… Disneyland Paris will surprise you this season.

A magical setting and enchanting encounters

Photo: Disneyland Paris
Photo: Disneyland Paris
As soon as visitors enter Disneyland Paris, they step into an enchanted world.

Main Street U.S.A. glows with thousand twinlkle lights and ornates its façades and street lights with Christmas decorations.

Shops and boutiques have decorated their windows and shelves, Disney's staff put their costume on and Christmas songs are playing throughout the park. Feel the fun and the magic.

On Central Plaza, snowmen with Disney's characters ressemblance can be spotted as they add to a Season's atmosphere.

Santa is part of the game. Ha can be found in his house in the Fantasyland section of the park.

Children can have their photo taken with Santa until December 25. It will be an opportunity for them to marvel at his house's Christmas decoration.

Christmas Disney Parade

Photo: Disneyland Paris
Photo: Disneyland Paris
Some 90 artists and performers (20 Disney's characters) will bring their talent to the parade to make the visit to the park a memorable and magical moment.

Traditional and unmissable event at Disneyland Paris, the Parade becomes majestic as Christmas is around the corner .

Two additional floats complete the parade where Mickey, Minnie and their friends greet the crowds .

The Three Little Pigs get active to prepare Christmas présents. Max, Pluto and friendly snowmen have fun fighting with snowballs.

Fun and excitment reach their peak.

The Disney Christmas Parade happens twice a day. Schedule is available at the entrance of the park.

A new heroine at Disneyland Paris

Photo: Disneyland Paris
Photo: Disneyland Paris
Vaiana brings the heat from the Pacific islands as she joins Disney's princesses this year at Disneyland Paris.

The friendly character (whose adventures can be followed on the screen) brings her strong personality and her vitality to the park for a fun season.

Magical shows for Christmas

Photo: Disneyland Paris
Photo: Disneyland Paris
This season Elsa and Anna, the notorious Frozen sisters are back with their show « Chantons la Reine des Neiges » for a fun exciting moment of songs and dance in Frontierland.

The eight Disney's royal couples gather in front of the legendary Sleeping Beauty castle to celebrate Christmas in a fun musical.

At night, the Disney Dreams! show will seduce visitors. A fantastic superproduction of sound and light shows, water show, special effects and pyrotechnics showcases how countries around the world celebrate Christmas

Christmas tree illumination

Photo: Disneyland Paris
Photo: Disneyland Paris
And to end the day, the not-to-be-missed Christmas tree illumination.

The « Mickey and the Christmas lights magic» show comes back this year to count down before the Main Street, the Sleeping Beauty castle and the gigantic Chritsmas tree illumination.

Santa directs the show with Mickey and Minnie by the 24 m high Cristmas Tree on Time Square.

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