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Double Sens launches solidarity trips in Sri Lanka

This 7th destination launched on April 1st, 2015

For its 10th year anniversary, in April 2015, Double Sens is opening up to a new destination: Sri Lanka. It is the 7th country to which the specialist in solidarity trips is sending travelers.

The 2 weeks stay begins with 3 days of excursion, followed by a one week mission, and 3 more days of excursions - DR : Danielle Ghostine
The 2 weeks stay begins with 3 days of excursion, followed by a one week mission, and 3 more days of excursions - DR : Danielle Ghostine
Since April 1st, 2015, Double Sens, offers stays in its 7th destination: Sri Lanka.

A country that “we fell in love with,” admits Aurélien Seux, co-founder of the company.

The first trips have already been sold, and clients will start leaving early July 2015 for two week long stays. Departures will then take place every three months.

The TO celebrates its 10th year anniversary

For this new destination, the expert on solidarity trips offers to work on a project that is geared mainly towards ecotourism. It is managed by an association that is based in and working within a Sri Lankan tropical forest.

“The trip is composed of around two thirds of participation in the project, and one third on small group explorations,” specifies Aurélien Seux.

It begins with 3 days of excursions, followed by one week of mission, and three more days of excursions are scheduled for the end.

Double Sens also celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation in April 2015.

To mark the occasion, it is publishing a “travel diary” on its website that retraces its 10 years of adventures.

“Today, families, work councils, groups of friends, young people, and seniors travel with us to engage in solidarity tourism,” states Aurélien Seux proudly.

A success that has allowed Double Sens to create partnerships of joint filling with Terre d'Aventure and Nomade Aventure, from the group Voyageurs du Monde.

Written by The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher the 05/05/2015
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