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Rédigé par The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 26 Octobre 2015
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FRAM: D.Beljanski calls for “a certain level of caution” for group cases

The President of Selectour Afat speaks to her members

In a message written to its member travel agencies, Dominique Beljanski, President of the cooperative Selectour Afat, takes stock of the situation around FRAM’s acquisition. She speaks reassuringly on individual trips but invites her member to be cautious for group cases.

FRAM: D.Beljanski calls for “a certain level of caution” for group cases
On Friday October 23rd, Dominique Beljanski, President of the Selectour Afat cooperative, addressed a message to the member travel agencies of the voluntary network to take stock of Voyages FRAM’s situation.

She laments the “lack of official informations” on the short and medium term future of the tour-operator and its branch, Plein Vent.

The network’s President follows by reminding that informations featured in the press of the last few days report on the interest of Karavel-PromoVacances to acquire the group within the realm of a collective procedure.

A project that would be “well advanced, which would enable to consider a quick acquisition and fluidity in managing individual trips that have already been reserved.”

Which leads Dominique Beljanski to explain that “within the hypothesis of a suspension of payments and a buyout by Karavel/PromoVacances, these informations are rather reassuring in the short-term for our individual clients.”

However, when it comes to group cases, “in the mid-term, without information on the acquisition project and the strategy of the potential buyer, we invite you to remain cautious.”

The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher

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