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Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Vendredi 24 Avril 2015
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Hospitality in France: how to make some tourism professionals less grumpy?

A workshop launched by Matthias Fekl

To boost the image of some professionals who are not always very nice to tourists, Matthias Fekl, State Secretary in charge Foreign Trade, Tourism Promotion, and French Citizens living abroad, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France (CCI) have recently launched the High Hospitality Academy. A program that gives practical advices to better welcome travelers coming to visit our country.

Hospitality in France: how to make some tourism professionals less grumpy?
Grumpy servers, grouchy merchants, and irritable hoteliers.

The service quality is not always satisfactory in some French touristic sites.

And the professionals doing that are not always conscious of the bad image that they could be reflecting to visitors from abroad.

“We must do everything to soften the irritating things that hurt the image of France. Because a satisfied tourist is our best ambassador,” explains Matthias Fekl, State Secretary of Tourism.

To learn to cultivate a sense of customer service, he launched, on April 21s, 2015, the new program High Hospitality Academy, created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France (CCI.)

It consists of diverse workshops and practical guidelines aimed at all of those who are in contact with travelers; from receptionists to restaurant employees, including souvenir retailers, taxis, or even museum guards.

How to be more sympathetic to foreign tourists?

The goal is simple: provide easy advices to adopt in order to better welcome our tourists.

We’ll learn, for example, that Germans love to shake hands, that Italians enjoy the elegant outfits of the personnel, that Russians want to be able to eat at anytime of the day, and that it’s better to avoid giving a 4th floor room to Chinese visitors.

To illustrate this work, the CCI published three amusing videos, reenacting concrete situations (can be watched on thiswebsite

“The hotel sector also has to better take into account the expectations and aspirations of a foreign clientele, especially from the BRIC countries,” believes Jeanine Dubié, Member of Parliament of the High-Pyrenees who is currently elaborating a report on hospitality in France.

Professionals interested in this can thus benefit from language classes, or learn to better construct their websites.

Meaning that they won't have any more excuses for not improving their hospitality quality.

Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher

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