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Hotels: Altica Group will launch a large-scale renovation program

Interview with CEO, Pierre Courtois de Viçose

The main affordable chain of the south-western quadrant of France, Altica hotels, is showing its will to transpose the codes of luxury hotels to 2-star hotels in order to position itself as THE reference in this accommodation category. To find out more, we interviewed Altica’s CEO, Pierre Courtois de Viçose.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 29 Août 2016

Hotel Altica Arcachon Marines
Hotel Altica Arcachon Marines Can you introduce the Altica group and its history?

Pierre Courtois de Viçose: “The Group Altica is a major regional hotel player in Aquitaine, founded in the early 1990s under the initiative of two Arcachon families.

Since 1992, the Group Altica has kept on developing and, today, has no less than ten hotels beaming from La Rochelle to the Basque Country, going through Dordogne and Bordeaux, making it the number one independent 2-star hotel group on the Greater Southwest Region.

The brutal death of its CEO Bernard Thé in 2011 led the two shareholding families to take on the Group’s divestiture.” Who are the group’s new shareholders and how do they hope to make the brand evolve?

P.C.d.V.: “The Group Altica was bought out on January 22, 2016 by myself, associated to the APICAP Investment Fund, major shareholders by 53.35%, and the two ceding families remain minority shareholders of the capital.” As the new CEO, what are your ambitions and projects for Altica?

P.C.d.V.: “2016 will mark a turning-point in Altica’s history, the main goal being to once again become a reference in the 2-star hotel sector by transposing the codes of luxury hotels to the affordable hotel sector. In this way, we wish to offer our clientele the possibility of experiencing a unique and unusual hotel stay in revamped, shared spaces with careful, soft and modern design, just like in 4 or 5 star hotels.” Can you tell us more about this renovation plan of the entirety of Altica’s 10 hotels and its new brand identity?

P.C.d.V.: “A large-scale renovation program of 4 million euros in investments will be conducted over two years, starting October 2016, during which the hotels will remain open, in order to reposition the ten hotels of the Altica Group on the superior quality 2-star hotel sector.

Today, the values developed by our Group are: Expectation, Passion and Singularity.

These values served as a guideline for the young architecture firm from Bordeaux, Bertoli & Morgat, chosen by the Group Altica to take on the entire renovation project for its innovative and dynamic spirit, anchored in a contemporary culture.

Concretely, and already under development, this translates into setting up air conditioning inside eight of our ten hotels (since two are already equipped), representing an investment of 1.2 million euros. By the end of 2016, two test hotels will be entirely renovated.

In order to support the modernization and dynamism instilled in our hotels and to increase their visibility, the Group Altica also decided to redesign its visual identity: it will soon reveal its fresh, modern elegance, .

As an expression of its core values, the new Altica signature will be unique and strong, based on a rejuvenation of its image through happy chic codes.”

Hôtels : le Groupe Altica va lancer un programme de rénovation de grande ampleur

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