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The campsite chain Les Castels boosts its environmental commitments

Les Castels, the first outdoor hotel group the gathers 4 and 5 star independent campsites, recently signed a partnership convention with “La Clef Verte”, the number one international environment label in tourism. The objective is straightforward: a chain that will soon be labelled 100% “Clef Verte.”

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 7 Mars 2016

Signing of the convention between Les Castels and La Clef Verte.
Signing of the convention between Les Castels and La Clef Verte.
Les Castels has been standing out since its creation in 1959 by members who prioritize exceptional sites of high environment and heritage value. To have their initiatives of protecting and appreciating natural resources recognized amongst their clientele, the chain has been committed since 5 years in an accreditation process of their members to the “Clef Verte” label. This reference label by the Foundation for Education on the Environment in France distinguishes touristic accommodations committed to a well-functioning environmental approach, that is continuous and dynamic, in the sectors of general environmental management, from handling trash, water, energy, as well as education around the environment.

28 of the 39 campsites of the chain Les Castels already carry the “Clef Verte” label but this convention aims as labeling all of the facilities of the chain while introducing the means to succeed in acquiring it (setting up heat pumps to heat the pools, putting thermal solar panels, access to waste sorting…).

Régis de Lussac, President of the chain Les Castels confirmed so during the signing of this convention: «Since 2012, we imposed this label to newcomers of the chain and it was strongly recommended to others. Thanks to this convention, we are moving towards the labeling of all of our members for a full awareness of the environmental imperative that represents the essence of our group since its foundation in 1959».

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