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Tignes (Alps, France): the ski station that rolls out the red carpet for families

Interview with Philippe Périnet, Director of the station

Tignes provides attractive offers to families to come skiing but also to discover new activities and have fun with their little tribe. The goal: attract and retain a family clientele that is already fond of the station. Philippe Périnet, the Station’s Director, told us more about these promotions and activities that target families.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 1 Février 2016

Snowpark (photo:Andy Parant)
Snowpark (photo:Andy Parant)
From February 6th through March 5th 2016, the entire family will enjoy skiing at a children rates.

The station also offers accommodations for 7 nights in a studio 4 starting at €199 per person, Tigne-Val d’Isère “children rate for adults!” packages, and free entrances to the pool and ice-skating rink.

It is also possible to enjoy a 10% discount on group ski or snowboard classes during the week for children (until 13 years old, 2 children minimum per family.)

“Prior to every Winter, we work with the booking services and the ski lift company on products we could offer our clientele throughout the entire Winter. We established this family product together and it perfectly suits our clientele that comes for the Winter holidays, explains Philippe Périnet, the Station’s Director. This is the second time we’re offering this product that is proving to be very successful.

The clientele of Tignes is rather young and athletic, but families are obviously part of our clientele, especially during school vacations.”

A unique activity for the entire family: a microlight flight

In Tignes, it is possible to experience one’s first flight onboard a microlight, an ultra-modern machine.

Put the skis aside, sit comfortably in the machine, and find yourself propelled in the air flying over the station with a unique panoramic view.

This activity is accessible to adults and children alike, meaning to the entire family. And this winter, it will be possible for the first time ever to fly on patrol with two machines in the Tignes sky.

“A microlight is a very light motorized glider with 2 seats. This is the 3rd Winter that we are offering this activity, it has become one of our most popular activities, specifies Philippe Périnet, it is a unique experience because it is a modern, reliable, and powerful machine, the latest model, the best option to fly over the mountain with a unique panoramic view. Tignes is one of the rare ski stations that administers this activity.”

“The Dancing Ice Parties” to let off steam with the family

“The Dancing Ice Parties are after-ski activities offered by the station every thursday night from 8pm to 10pm on the natural ice rink of Tignes, explains Philippe Périnet. It is a type of dance party on ice-skates!

It is completely free, the gear is loaned for the occasion, and people from all ages can participate.

Hot chocolate and mulled wine are also provided by the station. The music style changes each time, to enjoy different musical experiences, and live the surprise every evening.”

Practical info

Tignes Ski Station
Phone: +33 4 79 40 04 40

Tignes Reservations
+33 (0) 4 79 40 03 03

Getting to Tignes?

A430 Chambery-Albertville until Moûtiers then N90 until Bourg-St-Maurice, D902 until Tignes.
Distances to the stations: 690km from Paris, 240km from Lyon, 130km from Chambéry, 165km from Geneva, 275 km from Turin.

Bus transportation is done by the regular coach lines departing from Bourg Saint Maurice, Chambéry or the airpots of Geneva, Lyon or Grenoble. To reserve, please visit the website of the Tignes Tourism Office.

Daily trains, TGV, Eurostars, and Thalys arrive to Bourg Saint Maurice daily. This is the closest train station to Tignes (30km distance.) For transfer until Tignes you must take the bus or taxi.

4 airports are located near Tignes and enable to get to the station in less than 2h30:
Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport (International)
Chambery Airport (International)
Geneva Airport (International)
Grenoble Airport (International)

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