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Air Transport: the group LATAM wants to be the reference point in Latin America

115 cities in the continent departing from Sao Paulo.

The company LATAM wants to promote its wide network of 115 destinations in South America, accessible through its hub in São Paulo. An offer that attracts French passengers who benefit of great prices thanks to the South American Airpass.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 28 Janvier 2015

Thibaud Morand, business director of the LATAM company wants to promotes its network all over South America. DR-LAC
Thibaud Morand, business director of the LATAM company wants to promotes its network all over South America. DR-LAC
LATAM wants its clients to reach the stars.

The airline company born out of a fusion between Lan (Chili) and Tam (Brazil) in June 2012 invited 250 people to the Geode on January 20th, 2015 to discover the movie Hidden Universe.

This documentary reveals the work of astronauts within an observatory in the Atacama desert in Chili.

The opportunity for Thibaud Morand, the company’s business director, to emphasize the company’s high performances in France.

While he won’t give out specific figures, he insures, however, that the number of travelers grew by 50% thanks to an increased capacity of 33% in Sao Paulo, following the withdrawal of the Rio line.

Its occupancy rate reaches 85%, also a rise by six points.

“It’s evident that we won’t have the same weight as Air France. But we want to differentiate ourselves through our network and our price level.”

Promote the Sao Paula hub in Brazil

LATAM thus wants to promote its wide network of 115 destinations all over the South-American continent.

Today, close to half of French customers go through Sao Paulo for a connection. Thanks to the new terminal 3, it can be done in less than two hours.

When they arrive on the South-America continent, travelers first go to Brazil within which LATAM offers 41 destinations.

They also fly towards Santiago of Chili, Buenos Aires and Paraguay. French passengers can also reach the Sao Paulo hub from Madrid.

TAM has in fact joined the One World alliance in March 2014, which enabled it to develop code-shares with Iberia.

The group is also expected to open a line departing from Barcelona which could be interesting to customers from the South of France.

Thibaud Morand wanted to highlight the benefits of the South American Airpass product aimed at tour-operators, that allows to save around 10% on air transport for a tour in Latin America.

Another new product, the cabin of the Boeing 777 with service to Paris will soon be renovated.

The first class was taken out to provide more room to the business class that now has 56 seats. The new completely flat seat will provide 15% more space. The product will be available early April.

The company also made various orders, such as 27 Airbuses A 350 that should land in Paris by 2016.

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