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Easybus launches a shuttle service between Paris and Roissy airport for 2 euros!

A rival of the Air France buses

Starting next May 15th, the British company Easybus will launch a shuttle service between Paris and the Charles de Gaulle airport for two euros. An unbeatable price that should delight travelers and cause prejudice to the Air France buses with prices starting at 17 euros.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 15 Avril 2015

The Easybus shuttle between the Geneva airport and the Chamonix station was launched in December 2014. DR-easybus
The Easybus shuttle between the Geneva airport and the Chamonix station was launched in December 2014. DR-easybus
Great news for the 63 million passengers who have to choose daily between the hassle of taking the train RER B, or confront the traffic of the A1 freeway in order to get to Charles de Gaulle.

On May 15, 2015, the company Easybus will position a shuttle service at the unbeatable price of two euros.

Its mini-buses of 16 seats will leave from Palais-Royal, next to the Louvre Museum, and conduct 80 daily roundtrips.

Around 26,000 seats are on sale on the website since March 31st for the price of two euros.

“This is a bargain price that will be higher for last minute reservations.

But we’ll remain, no matter what, cheaper than other existing modes of transportation today,”
assures Andrew Martin, Director of Chamexpress, the company in charge of operating Easybus.

A branch of the parent company Easyjet

Easybus is a branch of a group that also owns the low-cost company easyJet.

The company was created in 2004 in England to serve the airports of Luton, Stansted, and Gatwick. In 2014, it transported close to 8 million passengers.

Last December, the company crossed the English channel to establish a shuttle service between the Geneva airport and the ski resorts of Chamonix, that has attracted 25,000 clients.

The company decided to tackle the Parisian market because the offers of transportation services between the city center and airport are very costly.

Apart from the never-ending 350 and 351 RATP bus lines, passengers have to spend at least 10 euros to get to CDG, such as the RER (train) that has the benefit of being the fastest way: 30 minutes from Gare du Nord (of course when there are no strikes, traveler incidents, technical issues, or “suspicious objects”…)

A major rival to the Air France buses

Easybus is especially going to compete with Roissybus (11 euros leaving from Opéra) as well as the Air France buses.

Since 2008, the later have been managed by the company Aérolis, a joint subsidiary between Keolis and Air France.

A lot more expensive, a trip costs no less than 17 euros one way (29 euros roundtrip.)

But they have the advantage of going through various neighborhoods in Paris: Porte Maillot, Invalides, gare de Montparnasse, and gare de Lyon.

Therefore, Andrew Martin is quite optimistic on Easybus’ chances for success.

Even though he restrains from revealing more on the company’s strategy, it is quite probable that he will also launch a service with destination to Orly, and maybe even Beauvais.

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