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Samoëns: the ski resort is developing wellness activities

one hour from Geneva in Switzerland

Located only one hour from Geneva and 1h30 from Lyon, the village-resort of Samoëns enjoys a prime location and an exceptional panorama, in the center of the French Alps. Linked to 4 other stations, it is at the heart of the Great Massif, the 4th largest skiable area in France. But Samoëns is also popular for the unique experience its provides thanks to its pittoresque village and relaxation activities. This year the resort will offer even more activities linked to wellness. Isabelle Cadoux, Promotion Manager of the Tourism Office of the Samoëns resort, explains to us the reasons behind this choice.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 3 Décembre 2015

Samoëns: the ski resort is developing wellness activities - Why did you choose this motto “Samoëns, discover the good life”?

Isabelle Cadoux: Samoëns is located in a large valley that has a flat bottom. We are not surrounded by high mountains that sometimes can feel suffocating.

Here, we breathe, we are in a vast space and we feel great right away.

This is truly the feeling that tourists who come and come back get in Samoëns. And this feeling is enhanced by the fact that we are in a village with no red lights, which is quite rare! We are far away from the road traffic of cities.

So, this motto for our resort came to us quite naturally. And, this year, we decided to accentuate further this good-living aspect by offering activities linked to alternative medicine. This is in line with the spirit of the resort. - What are the new relaxation activities being offered?

I.C.: We are offering “presence dancing” classes. This is a dance that is done as a group, with our eyes closed, standing or on the floor, to soft music. One is simply guided by the voice of the dance professor.

The goal is to help you exteriorize your emotions. We are also introducing taoist massage. This is a belly massage that softly helps to loosen tensions.

It regenerates internal organs and dissolves negative energies accumulated over the years. - Is it the first time that you offer this type of activities?

I.C.: Relaxation activities have been around for a while. For instance, we have been offering yoga and tai-chi classes for a long time.

Indeed, we have a Dojo in La Piaz, 2 kilometers away from the resort, and all year long, one can go on a detox stay that combines yoga and ayurveda, or meet with Indian experts on alternative medicine during seminaries.

We truly are the resort of the “good living capital” and the well-being of our visitors is one of our main priorities. Other than our superb skiable area, this is our added value.

Practical Info

Getting there
By car >1h from Geneva and 1h30 from Lyon
By train > Gare de Cluses, Bellegarde or Annecy
By plan > International Airport of Geneva and then less than one hour driving.

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