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Tourism Tax: Tourism and hotel professionals are calling out to the government.

Opposed to raise the tax maximum rate

The president of the association of mayors of listed resorts and tourist communes (ANMSCCT) wrote a letter to Laurent Fabius and Arnaud Montebourg, to ask them to obstruct the amendments concerning the tourism tax, that were voted in on June 29th, 2014. From their part, the presidents of the UMIH and the GNC met with representatives in Matignon on Monday June 30th.

Rédigé par Editorial Board translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 2 Juillet 2014

Marc Francina, President of the ANMSCCT (Association of mayors of listed resorts and tourist communes) wants to call out to the minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, and the minister of the Economy, Arnaud Montebourg.

In a statement, he asks them to oppose the amendments concerning the Tourism Tax that were voted in on June 29, 2014 at the National Assembly.

This tax is a component of the project of the Amended Finance Law for 2014.

Just like the UMIH and the GNC, the ANMSCCT wants to block the increase of the maximum rate of the tourism tax from 1,5 euros to 8 euros per person and per night, and the 2 euros tourism tax in the paris region to finance the île-de-France transport network.

The UMIH and the GNC received in Matignon

From his part, Yannick Fassaert, the president of the National Federation of France Holiday Cottages, underlines that i[“at this new rate, I am regrettably ready to bet on the fact that 75% [of cottage owners] will close their businesses and we will witness, sadly, a new desertification of our French country-side.

Without forgetting that we can fear the skyrocketing of a parallel economy.”]i

On Monday June 30 2014, Roland Héguy, the confederal president of the Union of Jobs and Industries of the Hotel Industry (UMIH), and Jacques Barre, President of the National Grouping of Hotel Chains (GNC), were received in Matignon in the Prime Minister’s office.

Both presidents asked for the clean and simple removal of these two surtaxes during the review of the project of the Amended Finance Law for 2014 by the Senate last week.

In a statement, they applauded Laurent Fabius’ declarations, “[he is] the only one who sees clearly in this surrealist, paradoxical case filled with contradictory positions involving the government and its majority, but also between members of the government.”

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