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Undeclared work: Air France caught red-handed again?

CityJet files a new complaint

The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) will again file a complaint against Air France for undeclared work in its branch CityJet. It seems that despite its last conviction on appeal, the national carrier appears to have not put an end to these illicit practices.

A new case of undeclared work with CityJet - Photo DR
A new case of undeclared work with CityJet - Photo DR
Air France does not seem to have learned from its last conviction for undeclared work by CityJet.

According to the source Challenges, a new complaint has been filed against the national carrier by the SNPL for the same reasons.

Indeed, if a database has been created at the airport of Paris, the Union considers it undersized compared to the activity of CityJet.

"Thirty Irish, Scottish, or English pilots come every week to Paris to fly airplanes," says Yves Deshayes President of the SNPL.

Only 26 full-time French contract equivalents

Only 26 full-time equivalent French contracts have been recorded when the double would be required.

The Union will therefore submit a new complaint for illegal employment, while questioning the impact of such a manipulation of the Labor Code.

In fact, it is really profitable to bring to France, house and pay thirty foreign pilots?

Is the money saved from this practice a worthy tradeoff for the risk of being sued and paying a fine?

These are some of the many questions posed by the SNPL, which still remain unanswered today.

Written by Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher the 10/03/2014
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