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NightSwapping offers (re)assurance to fans of collaborative tourism

The website Nightswapping announced on July 15th, 2015 its partnership with Allianz. This summer, the platform signed a global partnership with the insurance company Allianz. Launched in 2013, Nightswapping develops the concept of “night exchange” between individuals. The exchanges work through virtual money,...

Wizz Air: an ambitious low-cost coming from the East

The low-cost company Wizz Air is slowly but surely developing in Eastern Europe and is pursuing its growth in France with an opening in Nice. It is impatiently waiting for the arrival of the future Airbuses A321 to expand its network. On October 20th, 2015, Wizz Air took a symbolic turning-point. Having transported over 100...

Terrorism: are the English less afraid than the French?

Our British neighbors seem a lot less afraid to visit some destinations that the French are avoiding. But their buying behavior, famous for its rationality, can be reversed in the event of exceptional circumstance, such as the attack in Tunisia. Is it the famous British stolidness? Or a dose of pragmatism that the French lack?...

Something’s not right when football clubs tackle travel agencies!

Two travel agencies from the PACA region paid the price of the decline of the football clubs Arles Avignon, being liquidated, and Istres Ouest Provence, under legal review. Results: unpaid debts of the team’s train trips. While the football world may generate millions of euros, not all clubs have the means to match their...

WTM London: Big data and the sharing economy are shaking up the tourism sector

The rise of new technologies and the sharing economy has strongly shaken up the consumerism trends in tourism. A revolution that benefits professionals. Saying that internet has shaken up our way of traveling is stating the obvious. But its pervasiveness in our lives has led to a redefinition of the tourism industry. Without...

World Travel Market London : £2.5 billion in business deals expected

World Travel Market London – the leading global event for the travel industry – has seen a busy first day of business deals and networking. Simon Press, World Travel Market London Senior Director, said: “We have had a fantastic start.“We had 211 buyers meeting a host of exhibitors for the speed networking session before the...

Julie Coker Graham nommée présidente du Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

Le conseil d’administration du Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) vient de nommer Julie Coker Graham comme présidente de l’organisation. Jack Ferguson, actuellement en poste, prendra sa retraite fin 2015. Elle prendra ses fonctions en janvier 2016. En juin 2014, J. Coker Graham avait été promue au poste de...

Does Airbnb think it is almighty?

Is the platform Airbnb going overboard? Underneath its image of the role-model company, looking to make everybody happy, the startup is determined to not miss out on a piece of the tourism cake. And the drawbacks are quite eminent for those who decide to use its services… Josette Sicsic offers her analysis. Is it the youth of...

Fram: the end of a long journey?

This time, it’ll go very fast. The tour-operator’s Works Council was convened today, Tuesday. And, of course, first on the agenda is the filing for payment suspension…before appearing in front of the commercial court, on Thursday. Unfortunately, there will be no miracles, Fram is heading towards a suspension of payments. Of...

FRAM: D.Beljanski calls for “a certain level of caution” for group cases

In a message written to its member travel agencies, Dominique Beljanski, President of the cooperative Selectour Afat, takes stock of the situation around FRAM’s acquisition. She speaks reassuringly on individual trips but invites her member to be cautious for group cases. On Friday October 23rd, Dominique Beljanski, President...
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