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WTMN: a network and tourism media space from around the world

A project driven by the group

To associate and foster synergy (content, commercial, marketing) between tourism pure players media (or bi-channel) from around the world, Fabien da Luz, Associate Director of the group, recently launched the World Travel Media Network (WTMN.) It was officially announced on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, during the Travel Entrepreneurs Meetings in Marseille.

Written by The editors translated by Joséphine Foucher the 26/11/2015

WTMN: a network and tourism media space from around the world
It is very difficult for French companies from the tourism sector wishing to set-up abroad to find the right media space.

Quite often, they are oriented towards conventional media that do not (or no longer) meet their need to communicate rapidly and efficiently to their target audience.

Indeed, digital media, often the most popular amongst the general public, are sometimes unknown due to their relatively recent emergence. This is a shortfall that WTMN offers to remedy.

The association of these digital media will enable advertisers and partners to work efficiently and transversally on all markets around the world.

Promote your products and brand abroad

Launched by Fabien da Luz, during the last World Travel Market in London, the idea has already seduced a large number of media. The partners will be announced little by little, in the coming months.

The scope of the network will be considerable, and it is kicking off with agreements underway in the following regions or countries:

- in the world with the USA, Australia, Asia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and North Africa.
- in Europe with the Czech Republic, Russia, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Nordic Countries, Greece, and Portugal.

Others should join the network very soon.

For the Associate Director of the Marseille group, “the goals are, amongst others, to promote the practice of media information of tourism professionals, discuss about everyone’s experience and share information between different markets to generate broader distribution, improve communication between tourism companies throughout the world, and offer a distribution network that extends beyond borders…”

This concept is inspired by code shares in the air transportation sector that will enable advertisers to benefit from the distribution of partners, where our range of influence is limited.

Even though the international audience accounts for 20% of’s traffic for a total of 120 countries, it is difficult to be everywhere.

Furthermore, the association also aims to “synergize” interactions between media from the same sector regarding information on their respective touristic markets.

“The great advantage, he adds, is to mutually enrich the content of each of the members by translating and publishing the information of our colleagues, but, especially, to allow our partners and advertisers to more easily reach out to other markets when promoting their brand and/or product or when setting-up abroad…”

All of this while keeping the same intermediary:

To find out more about the WTMN, please contact Fabien da Luz -

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