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Aircrew employment: European companies start hiring again…

Christopher Hardin’s Column

Spirits were high last week in one of the rooms in the center of aircrew training of Paray Vieille Poste, near Orly, where new recruits for a French airline company carefully followed the "Airbus 330" specialization course before practicing to jump in the evacuation slides.

Rédigé par Christophe Hardin translated by Joséphine Foucher le Samedi 1 Mars 2014

It is not totally unrealistic to expect new aircrew recruitments in companies such as in Air France - DR : Laurent Masson / AF
It is not totally unrealistic to expect new aircrew recruitments in companies such as in Air France - DR : Laurent Masson / AF
This trend is still quite timid at the beginning of 2014.

But is it undeniable, after numbers released a few days ago by IATA showing that the airline industry is profitable again, word is out that CVs of aircrew applicants are being dusted off and consulted again.

Let’s not get euphoric just yet, but the chances of finding a job as a cabin crew member are significantly higher now than in recent years.

Several factors have made the situation better.

First, there was the harmonization incentive of European aircrew licenses which has been materializing for several months.

The license test is now virtually the same in all EU countries and is recognized by all European companies.

For recent graduates of the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation), for whom mobility is not necessarily an issue, the spectrum of possibilities has expanded to all of Europe.

And this is good timing because big European companies are starting to hire again and we are currently witnessing a willingness on their part to welcome their passengers aboard with a cosmopolitan crew.

Lufthansa and Swiss airline, for example, have recently opened their doors to flight attendants holding a European passport.

France is seeing improvements

Things are looking better in France as well.

Just a few week ago Air Caribbean, soon Volotea and even the discrete Openskies airline will convene candidates for cabin crew positions.

Aigle Azur and Europe Airpost, enjoying the creation of the new professional qualification contract (CQP PNC) for the airline industry, will also offer contracts to young recruits.

Transavia’s growth and displayed willingness to keep growing in the coming years is one of the best news for aircrew employment.

We already knew Transavia France aims to increase the number of aircrafts in its fleet by next summer, and several recruitment sessions have already been conducted to "put online" new aircrew personnel in the coming weeks.

During an interview with Alexander Juniac for the newspaper "La Tribune,” the CEO of Air France KLM reaffirmed that Transavia will be "the priority of the brand’s development" with the intention to raise the number of aircrafts by at least 100 in the next 7-8 years.

Not all aircrafts will be destined for the French branch. Nevertheless, this shows that Transavia France will have a high necessity to recruit aircrew personnel in the coming years.

An upcoming project with Dreamjet

During that same interview with "La Tribune,” the CEO of Air France KLM made another statement, which may provide hope for better growth in the medium term.

"By the end of 2014" affirms A. de Juniac, "Air France KLM will have completed its recovery, and its priority will be that of development."

In business, development often goes hand in hand with job creation and it is not totally unrealistic to expect new recruitment of aircrew members with Air France.

In March of 2012, two years ago, I described a "zone of turbulence" for aircrew professionals, but I wanted to stay optimistic by writing "Alexander Juniac’s challenge to straighten Air France KLM accounts and make it the world leader in three years is not irretrievably doomed to failure."

The bet is not yet completely won, but Air France is better, much better.

An improvement in accounts is fundamental but it is also important to hold high spirits. So these are reasons for aircrew job seekers to stay optimistic.

It is worth adding that the summer season (which conveniently begins in April in the air industry) looks pretty good for French carriers.

A.Ferretti, CEO of Air Méditerranée, wrote in our columns about his optimism and satisfaction of seeing sustained partnerships with major players such as FRAM and GO Voyages.

And as an icing on the cake, a new French company could emerge by the summer offering transatlantic flights between Paris-Le Bourget and New York.

This is still only a dream for, and indeed the project would be named "Dreamjet.”

But why not?

While some have returned to this "all business” niche for New York flights, it might be profitable “to bet on” Le Bourget.

This business airport, 7km from Paris, is also getting a make-over as talks over major development projects consider using ADP (Paris Airports - translator's note) real estate to create “company villages” in the vicinity.

Let us wish good luck to the project’s initiatives. Its implementation would offer, among other advantages, more aircrew jobs.

Aircrew employment: European companies start hiring again…
Christopher Hardin has over twenty years of professional experience working with several airline companies.

He is the founder of the website, a partner for airline carriers that evaluates companies’ product quality, compliance with service standards and team professionalism towards passengers

He also provides advice to applicants looking for jobs as aircrew members by helping them optimize their application through appropriate and effective preparation.

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